RAP-CD-Logo1If you're into promos, this months RAP CD is for you! We kick things off with a wild demo from this months interview subject, Rich Conway at WCCC-FM in Hartford, Connecticut. Cuts 2 through 5 are samples of work from the gentlemen in this months feature article, "You Do Listen, Don't You?" including a recent Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters "Best Station Promo-Large Market" winner from Steve Lushbaugh on cut 3. The rest of this months RAP CD is devoted to the 2000 RAP Awards "Best of the Rest" as we feature promos from the Small Market category on cuts 7-11, Medium Market promos on cuts 12-18, and Large Market promos on cuts 19-24. Congratulations to all of these contestants who missed the finals by a hair! Your work positively deserves the exposure! Well wrap up the "Best of the Rest" with Feature Productions next month.

1. Demo from Rich Conway, WCCC-FM, Hartford, Connecticut, guswilson2[at]yahoo.com
2. Sampler from Don Elliot, KFI, Los Angeles, California, voiceovers[at]earthlink.net
3. Rock Block Weekend - Steve Lushbaugh, WMMR-FM, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, lush[at]greaterphila.com
4. Sampler from Christopher OBrien, XM Satellite Radio
5. Sampler from Joel Moss, WEBN-FM, Cincinnati, Ohio, jmoss1027[at]aol.com
6. Sampler from Tom Richards, WEJM-FM, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, trichards[at]greaterphila.com
7. The Old Jet is Back Andrew Murdoch, SILK FM, Kelowna , BC, Canada, Andrew[at]silk.fm
8. Popey & Marge Pre-Snow Lon Ray, WLRW/WIXY, Champaign, Illinois, rothfan[at]yahoo.com
9. Sports Guys Shafted Scott Hammond, KSCB-AM, Liberal, Kansas, (316) 624-3891
10. Unofficial Bike Week T-Shirts Ron Drew, WBHG-FM, Gilford, New Hampshire, (603) 524-1323
11. The Big Hog Hauler Ron Drew, WBHG-FM, Gilford, New Hampshire, (603) 524-1323
12. All Request Weekend Daryl Moorhouse, FM104, Dublin, Ireland, darylm[at]fm104.ie
13. The Bob Francis Show Paul Brokensha, Five AA, Adelaide, Australia, (08) 8418 5124
14. Serendipity/Toys for Boys Renaud Timson, CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, rtimson[at]rci.rogers.com
15. Birthday Bonanza/Stash of Cash James Stodd, Red Dragon FM, Cardiff, United Kingdom, james.stodd[at]reddragonfm.co.uk
16. CJAY is Limp BizKit Ryan Stockert, CJAY92, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, rstockert[at]cjay92.com
17. Mothers Day with the Geniuses Dave Cruse, WJIS-FM, Sarasota, Florida, dave[at]thejoyofm.com
18. Bislas Night Club Dan Gustafson, KFRR, Fresno, California, mtbikedzn[at]aol.com
19. 89X Kid Rock San Francisco Bombtrack Alan McKinnon, CIMX-FM, Windsor (Detroit), Ontario, Canada, alm[at]89xradio.com
20. Is This Thing On? - Josh Holliday, Q107, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, jholliday[at]q107.com
21. Ozzfest Jeff Freeman, KUFO, Portland, Oregon, jfreeman[at]kufo.com
22. Double Shot Weekend Steve Lushbaugh, WMMR, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, lush[at]greaterphila.com
23. The Real Rock Station - Steve Lushbaugh, WMMR, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, lush[at]greaterphila.com
24. Stop the Violence Tony DeCesare, WPGC, Washington, DC, blaze1200[at]cbs.com


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