Above the Input Level knob are three buttons — RHSL (Rehearsal), Digital Direct (which bypasses the sample rate converters), and Input Select (which lets you choose analog input, digital input, or some combination thereof). The one that interests us most is RHSL.

The Rehearsal mode uses the built-in RAM buffer to let you preview where the recording will actually begin. If you’ve set the CD-RW700 to Sync Record and you invoke the RHSL mode, then the display will change to “Sync RHSL.” If after starting the source you find that the start point is inaccurate, you can stop the source after nine seconds and use the MULTI JOG wheel to trim the beginning. Pressing the STOP key confirms the new start point, and when you restart the source the CD-RW700 will start recording at the point you selected.

Yeah, it’s a bit cumbersome, but it does do the job.

The same procedure applies to setting new track markers within your recording. If the new track marker is off, you can reset it using the MULTI JOG wheel to get it right, using the above procedure.

You can do a lot of this from the remote, which mimics many of the front-panel functions. I found it a bit confusing that to increment a track number from the front panel you turn the MULTI JOG knob, while from the remote you press the SKIP button.

And if all of this is just too much of a PITA, you can always set new tracks manually by pressing the RECORD button while dubbing. This is my preferred method with this product.

You can restrict the number of tracks recorded at one time, be they manually-entered or automatically set. You set the maximum number using either the MULTI JOG knob or the SKIP keys on the remote control.

Should you find yourself recording a really long program, one that exceeds the capacity of a single CD, the CD-RW700 will automatically fade out the program material and will put up a DISK FULL!! message in the display. The unit will then automatically stop and go into PMA WRITING mode, which will write a temporary Table of Contents to the disc. At this point you can either erase the last track if you’re using a CD-R/W disc, or finalize if you’re using a CD-R disc.

Like most other CD players, the CD-RW700 allows programmed playback, with up to 25 steps in the program. However, only one program can be entered. The unit also allows repeat play of a single track or an entire disc.

The CD-RW700 also has a timer that allows you to use the internal clock to start and stop playback or recording at a pre-determined time. This of course assumes that you’ve set the unit’s internal clock, which can be accomplished only if the AC is connected but the unit is turned off. Okay?