We begin Side A with an excellent collection of work from this month's interview subject, Lonnie Perkins, WIBC-AM, Indianapolis, IN. The rest of Side A is filled with the usual creative selection of promos, and we wrap it up with a packed JFK montage from Jim Blommel/WGRR, Cincinnati.

Side B is filled with some top-notch spots. Cut 3 offers something you don't hear often -- a club spot without a music background! We wrap up Side B with a holiday spoof from WLQT-FM in Dayton, OH.

A special thanks to all who have supported RAP and The Cassette over the past year. It might seem that The Cassette is something we create and send to you, but it is actually a collection of what YOU send us. It is created by you; we just package it and send it back. Don't expect other RAP members to always supply tapes for upcoming Cassettes. Before you know it, everyone is thinking that way, and The Cassette disappears. Don't let that happen. If it has been a while since you have submitted a tape, take five minutes to get one to us over the next month or two. If you are one of the regular supporters of The Cassette, thanks again for your support. And best wishes to all for a great holiday season and a happy new year!

Side A

Cut 1 - Demo from Lonnie Perkins/WIBC-AM, Indianapolis, IN
Cut 2 - "Gobble Up The Oldies" - Bob Lawson(wp), Jim Merkel(v)/WJMK-FM, Chicago, IL
Cut 3 - "Don't Let the Door Hit You in the Butt Weekend" - Bill Schultz/WYNY-FM, New York, NY
Cut 4 - "Vince Gill" - The "Real" Bob James/WMIL-FM, Milwaukee, WI
Cut 5 - "Beatles Weekend" - Tom Woerner(wp), Charlie Van Dyke(v)/WFOX-FM, Atlanta, GA
Cut 6 - "Voodoo Lounge/Stones" - Steve Boyton(v), Robin Smith(wp)/CFMO-FM/CJET-AM, Smith Falls, Ont., Canada
Cut 7 - "Splash Blast" - Dan Edwards(wpv), WAY-FM, Ft. Myers, FL
Cut 8 - "Free Music" - J.J. McKay(v), Paul Bahr(wp)/WDEK-FM, DeKalb, IL
Cut 9 - "Friday Friends and Fun" - Andy Capp/KELO-AM/FM, Sioux Falls, SD
Cut 10 - "JFK Montage" - Jim Blommel/WGRR-FM, Cincinnati, OH

Side B

Cut 1 - "Omni Christmas Trees" - T.Woerner(pv), M.Elliot(v), BENMAR(w)/WFOX-FM, Atlanta, GA
Cut 2 - "Perth Fair" - Donna Thurston(wv), Robin Smith(p)/CFMO-FM/CJET-AM, Smith Falls, Ont., Canada
Cut 3 - "Colorado Cafe" - Bill Schultz/WYNY-FM, New York, NY
Cut 4 - "Tree Court Golf" - R.Naughton(wpv), Ed Brown(v)/KSHE-FM, St. Louis, MO
Cut 5 - "Paint Warehouse" - R.Roberts(pv), A.Menefee(v)/KTSR-FM, Bryan, TX
Cut 6 - "Murder Mystery Theatre" - Rick Player(vp)/KOSP-FM, Springfield, MO
Cut 7 - "Mac's Family Restaurant" - Bryon Maddox/WMDH-FM, New Castle, IN
Cut 8 - "Tea Time" - Dave Reed(wpv)/WMHK-FM, Columbia, SC
Cut 9 - "Industrial Plastics" - James(w), McIntyre(p), Bain/Cox(v)/100.3 The Q, Victoria, BC, Canada
Cut 10 - "Pickens Window Service" - Jim Blommel(wpv)/WGRR-FM, Cincinnati, OH
Cut 11 - "Lakeland Auto Clinic" - P.Ciarrochi(pv), C.Sandoz/D.Shilz(v)/WAIT-AM/WZSR-FM, Crystal Lake, IL
Cut 12 - "Lincoln Pines Resort" - S.Brancik(wv), T.Dylan(vp)/WODJ-FM, Grand Rapids, MI
Cut 13 - "Cellular Connection" - Lon Ray(wpv)/WLBC-AM/FM, Muncie, IN
Cut 14 - "Laser Recharge" - C.Yates(wv), D.Kelly(pv), J.Raeburn(v)/WCM-AM, Ypsilanti, MI
Cut 15 - "Hanukkah Carols" spoof - Steve Wein(wpv), Mary Heath(v)/WLQT-FM, Dayton, OH

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