Lindell Audio announces availability of its LiN76 Vintage Limiting Amplifier, designed to recreate the timbres and nuances of ’76-style FET compressors.
Audified advances its U73b Compressor effect plug-in and associated U78 Saturator spinoff with updated versions bolstered by gorgeous GUIs and additional improvements.
Waves Audio announces the availability of the Cloud MX Audio Mixer, a 100% cloud-based audio mixer for cloud broadcast environments.
Audazzio Chairman/CEO Roy Terracina and COO Danny Abelson were joined by industry experts and the Audazzio software development team to prepare for the next steps in the rollout of the groundbreaking proprietary Audazzio Live QR technology.
GameSoundCon, the largest professional conference for video game music and sound design, is back in person for 2022, and has expanded to a hybrid format where anyone can attend and watch content in real-time as well as on-demand.
Universal Audio Inc. announces the addition of the Pultec Passive EQ Collection to UAD Spark, UA’s plug in subscription service.


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January 01, 2004 8142
by Steve Cunningham The world of software DAWs has been significantly rocked in the past year or so... IQS and SAW are essentially gone, Apple bought Emagic and discontinued the PC version of Logic, Cool Edit Pro is now Adobe...