"After respectfully listening to your concerns, I want to share with you that we are bringing back the perpetual plugin license model, side-by-side with the new subscriptions. " -- Meir Shashoua
AX Center brings the DAD audio quality and routing flexibility into a 1U modular 19” rack unit as a center piece in studios, location recording setups or touring rigs tailored for production environments in a compact yet powerful solution.
Waves’ new subscription service provides subscribers with StudioVerse, plus easy, affordable access to all Waves plugins: the complete catalog of Waves’ award-winning plugins, including all updates and new plugins added.
Universal Audio announces UAD Software 10.2.3, featuring 16 channel immersive audio monitoring support with Apollo x16 for Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D, Sony 360 Reality Audio, and others.
SP502 is a new single slot 500-series preamp with a unique hybrid design including both vintage and modern circuits.
vCreative and Yamanair Creative just signed a long-term contract where vPro by vCreative will be the primary operational platform for all of Yamanair’s services.


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June 01, 2012 6170
by Steve Cunningham Having spent last month’s allotted column-inches examining yet another multitrack audio editor, it might serve to take a look at the current state of the art in the land of simple two-track recording and...