Welcome to the November '99 RAP Cassette! We begin with a kick-butt demo from this month's interview subject, Steve Kelly at Bill Young Productions. Crank this one up! The rest of Side A is packed with a nice selection of creative commercials. Side B is loaded with promos, and we wrap up the side with a couple of well-done sweeper montages.

Side A

1. Demo from Steve Kelly, Bill Young Productions, Houston, Texas
2. Mortgage Matters, Scott Stephenson, WVFJ, Atlanta, Georgia
3. Reznikov's, Ric Gonzalez, KISS/KSMG/KLUP, San Antonio, Texas
4. Bug Zappin, Page Miller, KOSP/KKLH, Springfield, Missouri
5. Warshauer Electric Supply, Steve Herring, Matt-Mark Audio Productions, Kansas City, MO
6. McDonald Amusement, Craig Debolt, WTPT-FM, Greenville, SC
7. Mail Boxes Plus/Larry Springer, Daryl Bolton, CJSD-FM, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
8. Dave Croft Motors, Pat White, WIL-FM, St. Louis, Missouri
9. Attic Party Night, Patrick O'Regan, Corks 96FM, Cork City, Ireland
10. W.R. Hickey, Todd Zarnitz, WBHV/WMAJ/WFGI, State College, Pennsylvania
11. Bacus Bonding, Jesse Springfield, WNTW, Stephens City, Virginia

Side B

1. Party in the Park 1999, James Stodd, Red Dragon FM, Cardiff, United Kingdom
2. Live Longer Through Longer Listening, Todd Manley, WGN, Chicago, Illinois
3. Mission..., Rick Lee, WVFJ, Atlanta, Georgia
4. Late and Live, Mark Bingham, BRMB, Birmingham, United Kingdom
5. Show Us Your Gator, Dan Everly, Gator 107.1, Bowling Green, Kentucky
6. Millennium Prize Vault, Ryan Stockert, Q92, Sudbury, Ont., Canada
7. Unique Record, John Mangino, WFQX, Winchester, Virginia
8. Halloween/Killed Kenny, Richard Stroobant, CJAY, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
9. Kid Rock, Michael Hunt, WTPT-FM, Greenville, SC
10. WTUE Hookup Line, Jim Hausfeld, Jacor Dayton, Dayton, Ohio
11. Image/Compare Promo, Jym Geraci, KSTP-FM, Minneapolis, Minnesota
12. The Bear, Andrew Murdoch, SILK-FM, Kelowna, BC, Canada
13. Superfan, Franc Bucci, WDCG/WRSN, Raleigh, North Carolina
14. C-Dance Intro, Caslo Ronny, Mediamix Productions, Zoersel, Belgium
15. Colleen's Country Cafe Sweeper Montage, Eric Bohlen, WIVK/WNOX, Knoxville, Tennessee
16. Sweeper Montage, Jon Matthewz, WKZL, Greensboro, North Carolina

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