Orban and ENCO Systems have combined technologies of their respective products, the Orban AirTime and ENCO DADpro32 Digital Audio Delivery System. Harris Broadcast Systems will assume exclusive worldwide marketing, distribution, and systems engineering for the combined system. The new system, marketed under the ENCO DADpro32 name, is compatible with audio inventory of the Orban AirTime system. Additional benefits include integration with the Orban Audicy DAW, LAN and WAN capabilities, and a broader range of user interfaces including use with Orban’s Sound Cube, a simple, rack-mount user interface. (248) 476-5711, fax (248) 476-5712,

Sonic Foundry announced it has signed a distribution agreement with Navarre Corporation. Navarre, a leading distributor of software, music, and home video products, will distribute Sonic Foundry’s complete line of digital audio software products. (608) 256-3133,

399 ShockwaveMacromedia, Inc. announced that Shockwave 7, a new release of the company’s popular Web player, is now available for download at no charge from the company’s Web site. Shockwave 7 boasts an array of new capabilities, including an auto-update feature that ensures Web surfers will always have the latest player. Download the free Shockwave 7 Web player from

TC Electronics Finalizer 96k

TC Electronic announces the shipping the new Finalizer 96K - Studio Mastering Processor ($2,995) as the newest generation of Finalizer mastering products, replacing the Finalizer Plus in TC’s product line. New features in the Finalizer 96K include 24 bit/96kHz resolution analog to digital and digital to analog converters, uncorrelated stereo dithering, correlated mono dithering and inverse dithering for interfacing between various types of other digital audio equipment. Other features include a new 3-band stereo width control, enhanced dynamic range, real-time sample rate conversion that supports sample rates from 32kHz to 48kHz, and an ADAT port for direct analog to Lightpipe stereo conversion. Also new is the TC Works TC Tools 3.0 for Pro Tools ($999), a high end reverb, EQ and chorus TDM plug-in bundle. TC Tools 3.0 is now compatible with Pro Tools PCI, 24 and 24 Mix. (805) 378-1828,

At the upcoming NAB show in Las Vegas, Germany-based Klotz Digital Audio will introduce its Spherion digital audio console for live broadcast and production applications, and exhibit four other audio consoles: the multi-format Vadis DC audio console for television, Paradigm digital audio console for on-air radio applications, Vadis DC on-air radio console, and Vadis DC radio production console. Spherion is founded on Klotz’s 3d: router technology which allows multiple control rooms to share sources, logic, control, and even DSP functions. Spherion is available in two sizes: a 12-fader version with a minimum of 24 input sources and a 20-fader console with a minimum of 40 input sources and DSP production features. Sources include microphone, stereo analog line, and various formats of digital line inputs, and can be routed to any fader. The Vadis DC radio production console is also fully modular, and there are six mainframe sizes. The Vadis DC has four stereo busses, various mix-minus options, and Mono Sum output capabilities. The amount of DSP power is user-selectable, with many modules available. The DSP functions for each input are accessed by pushing one button. Any source connected to the Vadis DC console can appear on any fader, and at the push of a button, source configurations can be recalled. The company has opened new offices in Atlanta for sales and support in North, Central, and South America.

399 MiniDiscSony is taking portable audio into the digital age with the introduction of futuristic, colorful MiniDisc portable recorders and players. Available in metallic silver, blue, champagne gold, and black, in select models, the new line features the world’s smallest MD recorder/player (MZ-R55), at a mere 3 1/8 x 3/4 x 3 3/8 inches, as well as a new MD mini HiFi system. The MZ-R55 and MZ-R37 both feature a “smart” remote control that allows you to move and title songs while recording with a character titler. A digital connection cable and rechargeable batteries are supplied. Designed for the active person, the MZ-E44 player has an easy-grip, rubber-like edging and carrying strap with two-tone coloring. The unit comes with a see-through remote control for viewing or selecting music tracks without having to remove the player from a purse, pocket or briefcase. Other features include virtually skip-free playback. The MZ-R55 and MZ-R37 recorder/players and MZ-E55 players have 40-second shock resistant memory to minimize interruptions or mistracking when the units are jostled or bumped. The MZ-E44 and MZ-E33 feature up to 10-second shock resistant memory. You can listen to the MZ-E55 player for up to twenty hours with a single AA battery and the supplied rechargeable battery. The MZ-E33 player also requires a single AA battery, while the MZ-R37 recorder/player uses the supplied AA Nickel-Cadmium rechargeable battery. The MZ-R55, MZ-E55 and MZ-E44 use a NiMH rechargeable battery and a supplied optional AA battery case for long hours of recording digital mixes. Suggested retail pricing for the MD portable products are: MZ-R55, $399; MZ-E55, $449; MZ-E44, $299; MZ-R37, $349; and MZ-E33, $249. Also new is the DHC-MD555 Mini HiFi Component System with MiniDisc recording and playback capability that features a five-disc MD changer recorder/player and five-disc CD changer. The DHC-MD555 ($800) can be connected to a computer via an optional PCLK-PX1 connection kit ($149). The kit includes software that lets users control stereo functions from their PCs including start/stop, recording, editing, and MD text input. Additionally, recordable MiniDiscs have become more affordable with suggested retail prices starting at $4.49 (74 minutes) and $2.99 (60 minutes) for a single pack; $8.99 for a 74-minute two-pack; $11.99 for a three-pack; $24.99 for a five-pack of MD-ES; and $29.99 for a ten-pack.


For a limited time, Aircraft Music Library is offering their top three specialty libraries for a reduced buy-out price. The deal features The American Music Series 7 CD set, the Ads Up! Music For Commercials 5 CD set, and the Rock Sweepers and IDs CD with over 300 tracks. Check the card enclosed in this issue of RAP for more info, or call (800) 343-2514.

615 Music is on the web with their new site at The site features a search engine covering the entire 615 Music catalogue. Utilizing the Liquid Audio format makes it possible to hear high quality samples of the entire 60 CD library as well as recent “custom” projects. (615) 244-6515, fax (615) 242-2455.

Themescapes, a new royalty-free music collection from Loud Neighbors Music, gives producers the ability to assemble complete music soundtracks for use in long-form narrative projects including documentaries, marketing films, slide presentations and multimedia productions. The two CD set is arranged into 12 stylistically varied construction kits. Each construction kit consists of one primary theme, and several remixed, alternate variations. The variations are new arrangements and textures based on the primary theme, i.e., a new lead instrument may be used, instruments may be pulled out of the mix, or entirely new melodies may be added. Themescapes contains a total of 48 tracks and 95 minutes of music. The two CD set sells for $99. The entire collection can be heard at www.loud (888) 400-2149.

Promusic adds a new CD to their Abaco Music Library. AB-CD 071 Swing features 73 tracks of modern Jump Swing, Big Band, combos, vocals, and instrumentals. (818) 506-1588,

399 Music2HuesMusic 2 Hues has three new products. Their Broadcast Series collections is a 4 CD set of over 250 60 and 30 second tracks in a variety of styles. The MultiMedia Series is a 2 CD-ROM set with over 200 tracks of production music in .WAV files format designed specifically for the multimedia and web producer. And two new CDs have been added to their Royalty Free Music Collection, Swing Big Band and Power Corporate. (888) 821-7515,


The Society of Professional Audio Recording Services (SPARS) has announced the schedule and theme for this year’s BizTech ’99 Conference to be titled Smart Business, Smart Technologies. The conference will bring together a group of presenters and manufacturers to concentrate on what new recording formats and technologies are fueling the growth areas of the recording industry. This two-day event will kick off Saturday, May 15 at Chicago’s Midland Hotel with a keynote address by mastering engineer and technology pioneer, Bob Ludwig of Gateway Mastering Studios, entitled “Navigating the Future: Audio Delivery Technologies.” This address will lead directly into a series of panel presentations including New Formats/New Profits, Digital and Analog, Weighing in on Workstations, and more. The conference will include hands-on demonstration sessions with sponsors both days. (800) 771-7727, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Chancellor Media Corporation announced the formation of a new division, Chancellor Creative Resources Group, to focus on building revenues through creative advertising solutions. During the past five months, Creative Resources has been retained by Chancellor on a consulting basis in New York, Chicago, Detroit, Boston, and Atlanta. In that time, Creative Resources has already demonstrated a significant success, generating nearly $1 million in new advertising revenues for Chancellor Media in Chicago alone. Chancellor Creative Resources Group will work closely with the Chancellor Marketing Group and station sales staffs to explore and implement ideas and solutions for advertisers. Creative Resources was established in 1990 with the mission to teach, consult, manage, and facilitate station staff—primarily sales, on-air teams, and marketing directors—to generate new promotional concepts and even new product ideas for clients. (312) 951-7633.