hollywood-moviesFrom: Dave Golterman, Production Director, KVCK-AM & FM, Wolf Point, MT

I’m thankful for the inspiration RAP magazine and The Cassette have given me over the past few months.  Now it’s my turn to share something that I hope will help other small budget production people out there.  I’ve been trying to find a way to record drops from current movies.  Once they’re on video it’s easy, but when the movie is still in the theater, there’s not much except for some audio available on the net.  That’s great, but it gives the control to someone else.

As I was leaving the theater recently, I chatted for a bit with the manager. He was monitoring the audio from the two screening rooms on a small FM radio in the lobby.  The theater here in Wolf Point is equipped with two small FM stereo transmitters so that people who are hearing impaired can use a Walkman type radio to better enjoy the movie.  My dilemma is now solved. I can bring in a portable radio with built in cassette recorder and tape the soundtrack at my convenience while watching.  It’s even possible to tape the soundtrack from just outside the theater—no need to pay $6 for a ticket & $4 for a popcorn and Pepsi. Now granted, the audio won’t be digital, but with a good quality recorder and tape, it will still be very much airable.

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