letters-logo-oct95I am all for taking the rules to the very edge, and even stepping over the edge on occasion, but the idea from Dave Golterman of recording an entire movie to get drops via the in-house FM transmitters goes too far. This is out and out piracy, the exact kind of thing that is bringing out such tough copyright laws all over the world. What would he suggest next? Bring your camcorder along as well so you can follow along with the movie and “see” where you are? Not that you would ever <nudge nudge> hang on to the tape <wink wink> and view it again! And of course he would suggest that you would want to record from the comfort and convenience of your car, that way absolutely nobody gets paid as you rip them off! Why would you want to pay someone in your own community for their efforts and services, not to mention the investment in the theater itself, complete with in-house FM transmitters?

I’ll give credit for an idea that would probably work pretty well. However, I think this is absolutely the wrong way to do things, both legally and morally. If you can’t find a drop you like on the net, why not call up the media relations arm of the movie studios and get them to send you an electronic press kit? Get your News Director, or entertainment reporter to do it for you if you think the studios will wonder why a production person needs a press kit. Although you have to realize that both of those methods are in violation of copyright laws as well.

Copyright has been a major source for discussion in this forum and many others for almost as long as I’ve been in radio—now going on 16 years. I found it quite ironic that on the page facing Tips & Techniques was a full column letter from John Pellegrini on a ripped-off award spot and other situations of copyright infringement. It shows that the issue of copyright infringement, and any possible legal ramifications, obviously still hasn’t sunk in with some producers across North America.

Craig Jackman
Production Director/CHEZ-FM
Ottawa, Ont. Canada



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