letters-logo-oct95Here’s some feedback on baking your reels. [Tips & Techniques, June 1999 RAP]

Having just archived a ton of material to digital, I learned some nice news from Quantegy out here. I asked why it was that I was able to play old brown Scotch 111 like it was new, while stuff recorded around 1990 was literally “putting on its brakes” and squaling to a stop on the machine.

The answer? Ha! In the ‘60s, they were using WHALE OIL as a lubricant!

To preserve their fine name and as a public service, Quantegy advised me they will bake up to a dozen reels for you for free in the Burbank plant. This should get you 2 or 3 good passes for archival purposes. Get it onto CD quick! Nice move, Quantegy!

Don Elliot
KFI, Los Angeles, CA

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