Sonic Solutions announced that it has received complete certification from Dolby laboratories for its Sonic Dolby Digital Encoder, the first Dolby Digital encoding card designed to integrate seamlessly with audio workstations and DVD production systems. This new encoder card is included in all Sonic DVD Creator DVD production systems and will soon be available to OEMs as a stand-alone module for real-time 5.1 surround Dolby Digital audio encoding. Dolby certification indicates that audio mastered using the Sonic Dolby Digital Encoder will retain all of its quality when played back on Dolby Digital equipped DVD players and decoders. (415) 893-8000, fax (415) 893-8008,

New from T.C. ELECTRONIC is the Gold Channel, a two channel digitally enhanced microphone preamplifier, featuring high resolution 24 bit A/D conversion with 96kHz equalization and dynamics processing ($2,495). Shipping is expected in the spring. TC WORKS, TC Electronic’s new signal processing Plug-In company, announces TC Native Reverb, the first TC product available for host-based DSP processing on Windows 95/NT PCs. TC Native Reverb provides TC-quality plug-in reverb for users of native recording environments supporting Microsoft’s DirectX - such as SoundForge, WaveLab, Cakewalk and Cubase VST. A free working demo version is available on the Web for download at Also from TC Works is TC Native EQ. The package includes two Plug-Ins, TC Native EQ-P, and TC Native EQ-G. Native EQ-P is a 10 Band EQ Plug-In featuring 7 fully configurable bands and 3 additional bands, which are controlled by a unique joystick and are preset for fast Treble and Loudness control. The 7 bands can be assigned to work as Parametric, Hi Shelf, Lo Shelf or Notch filters, or any combination of these. TC Native EQ-G is a 28 band graphic equalizer with a unique interface for intuitive access to the band gain controls that lets you draw the desired frequency response onto the display with the mouse to set the EQ. The Native EQ-G provides up to 56 bands of high quality EQ in real-time (28 stereo), and Native EQ-P with up to 20 bands (10 stereo), while still allowing the computer to run other processes at the same time (on PCs with 200 MHz and up). Phone (805) 373-1828 or check the Web site at

 WAVES LTD., the leading supplier of digital signal processing (DSP) software for the professional audio and multimedia markets, announced that its Audio Transmission Processor (ATP) software package, Version 2.0, and its WaveConvert Pro software, Version 3.0,  now support the Microsoft NetShow 3.0 multimedia server. NetShow enables Internet content providers and corporations to deliver the highest quality audio and video across LAN and ATM networks. The packages are expected to be available in the second quarter of 1998. (718) 788-5916.

SYMETRIX introduces the two channel 565E Dual Compressor/Limiter/Expander.The 565E ($549) integrates RMS compression, downward expansion and peak limiting in a dual channel, 1U rack-mountable unit. All three functions operate in-line, allowing simultaneous operation for complete, creative dynamics control. The compressor and expander sections of the 565E employ newly-developed circuitry, Dynamics Squared™. This proprietary design addresses a key problem: most analog compressors use conventional voltage controlled amplifier topography, which creates added distortion when compressing mid-band frequencies. Dynamics Squared™ resolves this problem electronically through circuitry that greatly reduces this distortion. As a result, the 565E allows users to apply high levels of compression and expansion with much less distortion. Other features include stereo or dual mono modes and balanced and unbalanced I/O (XLR and ¼-inch). Symetrix also released the 552E Dual Five Band Parametric EQ. The 552E ($749) houses a dual channel parametric EQ in a 2U chassis. You get five fully-overlapping bands per channel, each with a range of 10Hz-20kHz. Independent knobs adjust frequency, bandwidth, and up to 12dB of boost and 20dB of cut. Other features include high and low cut filters, a bypass relay, and both ¼-inch TRS and XLR connectors. Phone (425) 787-3222, fax (425) 787-3211,

A US Patent has been granted to STARGUIDE DIGITAL NETWORKS for a digital audio and video electronic distribution system exclusively licensed for use by Musicam Express. A joint venture of StarGuide Digital Networks, CBS Corp. and Westwood One, Musicam Express currently distributes short and long-form programs, radio advertising, music and text to more than 1900 radio affiliates in the top 100 markets. Plans call for expanding the network to include digital video distribution for television, cable, and film production companies. The Musicam Express network uses a store-and-forward “hub” technology that automatically sends digital audio and video by satellite or ISDN. (888) 366-4869, fax (415) 249-4717.

New from MICROBOARDS TECHNOLOGY, the Playwrite 4000RW is a 4X CD-R recorder, 2X CD-RW (ReWritable) Recorder with 6X Reading capabilities. Features include a SCSI interface and a 2mb data buffer. Support is being offered by popular CD premastering software packages for PC, MAC or UNIX.. Also new is the Playwrite 4001RW, a 4X CD-R recorder, 2X CD-RW (ReWritable) recorder with 6X Reading capabilities which features an IDE. Phone (612) 470-1848 or check their site at


SIGNATURE MUSIC is now distributing the music libraries of Mokal Music and Flying Hands. Mokal Music features synthesized compositions that include up-tempo jazz, fusion, and rock to soft ballads and romantic themes. Flying Hands features cuts designed for corporate and industrial productions, high-energy themes, a “variety collection,” and acoustic underscores. Both libraries offer broadcast edits. And new to the Signature collection are 5 CDs: Orchestral Energy, Positive Vibe, Overtures & Underscores, Piano Explorations, and Acoustic Themes. All music is offered on a buy-out basis. Phone (219) 921-0205, fax (219) 921-0704.

 PROMUSIC has added over two dozen CDs to their collection of libraries. For details about the new releases, check their Web site at or call (561) 995-0331, fax (561) 995-8434.


Jennifer Vaughn has left Advantage Productions in order to devote more time to her growing voice over business. Jennifer voices Q102/Philadelphia, Q102/Cincinnati, KRBE/Houston, WAAF/Boston, and more. New number is (800) 541-9145.

GlobeCast North America, through its joint venture partnership, ABC/GlobeCast Ventures, announced that it has entered into a multi-year agreement with Global Satellite Network to broadcast two live radio shows to radio stations throughout the United States and Canada. ABC/GlobeCast Ventures will provide instant digital satellite distribution of Global Satellite Network shows “Modern Rock Live” and “Rockline” via Satcom C-5, Transponder 19. Phone (617) 547-5445, fax (617) 547-5444,

Twenty years ago, the lights dimmed at the R&R Convention in Dallas, and a hushed ballroom of broadcast and record industry executives listened to Tomorrow Radio for the very first time. Tomorrow Radio was a fanciful look at what radio might be like five years into the future, 1983. Remember “kiddie radio” and “punk country?” Not only was this entertaining, but it was a great piece of production. TM CENTURY has re-released Tomorrow Radio. The full 17-minute production can be found on TM Century’s spring 1998 jingle demo CDs. Stations can get a copy of Tomorrow Radio by calling TM Century at (972) 406-6800, or via their Web site at

Attention Captain Kangaroo fans! Bob Keeshan, creator of Captain Kangaroo, will be the 1998 television inductee into the National Association of Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame during the upcoming NAB98 show in Vegas.

RADIO DISNEY recently debuted their Web site at Site features include the Top Thirty Countdown, Meet the DJs, My School Rules, Prizes, DJ Mail, and more, providing listeners of the Radio Disney radio network (on in 16 markets) a way to link up with the network via the Internet. 


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