WaveFrame has introduced a hardware upgrade for the WaveFrame/StudioFrame workstations. The R8-Plus board ($995) provides increased audio channel playback capacity, up to eight audio channels, over a single SCSI bus, doubling the capacity of previous versions. Also new from WaveFrame is the 408 Plus, a new digital audio workstation that offers seamless compatibility with Tascam’s MMR-8 digital recorder. The unit provides playback of 8 audio tracks from a single SCSI bus, identical to the format used in the MMR-8. This allows easy transfer of media between the two units. (818) 843-7004, fax (818) 842-8945.

Harris Corporation has introduced the Harris Audio Bit Splitter (ABS-1), and audio test signal generator that can be used to determine the integrity of a digital point-to-point audio signal path. The portable unit generates digital or stereo analog test tones (1kHz or 400Hz) at 48, 44.1, and 32kHz. Harris was also recently named Exclusive Broadcast Distributor for the Sonic Foundry Professional CD Factory, a software-based system that permits creation of audio CDs from a Pentium-based PC. Developed by Microboards Technology, Inc., the CD Factory system includes a Panasonic 4080 CD recorder (4x/8x external drive), CD Architect software, an Advansys AB915 SCSI card, SCSI cable, and two blank CDs. (800) 622-0022.

Orban announced that Radio Free Asia is acquiring 15 Audicy DAWs to add to the 21 they already have. (Wow!) Using the new Version 2.0 software’s networking capabilities, the 36 Audicy workstations will be linked in a global network encompassing RFA’s Washington, DC headquarters and its five Asian bureaus.(510) 351-3500, fax (510) 351-0500, www.orban.com.

FPC, Inc., a subsidiary of Kodak, has introduced a line of high-density digital audio cartridges. The Magneto Optical media is marketed under the Kodak Recording Products label. The Kodak MO cartridges are available in 5.2, 2.6, 1.3, and 1.2 gigabyte configurations. www.kodak .com.

Panasonic has some new toys including a series of cordless phones that take advantage of the new 2.4GHz band recently allocated for personal communications. The new technology reportedly provides a maximum range of up to twenty times that of the company’s regular 43/49MHz phones, and approaching eight times the range of their current 900MHz models. And it’s time to get rid of that micro-cassette recorder and make room for the digital version. The RR-DR60 ($99.95) accepts up to 99 memos totaling up to sixty minutes of recording time! You get voice activated recording, date/time stamping with LCD display, an Intro-Scan feature to play just a few seconds of each memo, Slow and Fast play modes for transcription or fast scans, and more in a 1/2-inch thick package about the size of a credit card. (800) 211-7262, www.panasonic.com.

Need some copies of that CD? Check out the CD-2701 CD–R Copier from MediaFORM. Simply stack your CDs, up to a spindle of 50, with your master on top, and press copy. The CD-2701 automatically starts the  procedure of reading, verifying the master, and then copying onto blanks. In verification mode, the CD-2701 checks to see whether the CD is a master or a blank. Thanks to this technology, the CD-2701 gives you the capability of Job Streaming which allows for several master CDs to be copied simply by stacking the masters on top of the desired number of blanks. (800) 220-1215, www. mediaform.com.

In today’s takeover news…Pacific Research & Engineering has signed a letter of intent to acquire Graham-Patten Systems, Inc., a Grass Valley, California based manufacturer of digital audio mixers for the video editing environment. (760) 438-3911.

PreSonus introduces the new M80 microphone preamplifier ($1,899). This 8-channel unit features a special "Idss" control on each channel that is used to adjust the harmonics of the signal from absolutely pure (no harmonics) to simulation of the effects of tape saturation and tube "warmth." The back panel is fully loaded with XLR balanced input and output connectors and TRS line inputs via Neutrik combo connectors. Each channel is equipped with separate send and return jacks for inserting dynamics processors. Mix output connectors are XLR for balanced signals and TRS for line level signals. A 2-channel version of the M80, the MP20, is available for $599. Also new from PreSonus is the ACP88 8-Channel Compressor/Gate ($999) which features eight channels of compression, limiting, and noise gating for a variety of applications. Each channel’s compressor features control of threshold, ratio (1:1-20:1), attack, release, hard/soft knee, auto/manual attack and release curves, and gain. Each gate features threshold, attack, release, and switchable gate range. The ACP88 features servo balanced or unbalanced inputs and floating balanced or unbalanced outputs. For every channel, there is a side chain jack for spectral compression and a separate sidechain jack for gate processing. Each channel boasts full gain reduction metering, compression threshold indication, and gate open/close. (504) 344-7887, www.presonus.com.

Tascam recently introduced the world's first high resolution, 24-bit DAT recorder. The DA-45HR is able to record true 24-bit audio data on a standard DAT tape. The 3U rackmountable unit features XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced analog I/O, AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital I/O, Word Sync I/O and a parallel interface. The DA-45HR has two recording modes to take advantage of the recorder's 24-bit capability or to maintain backward compatibility with first-generation 16-bit machines. When operating in 24-bit high-resolution mode, a standard 120 DAT tape yields sixty minutes of recording time. If the machine is functioning in the 16-bit standard mode, the tape will yield a full two hours recording time. Supported sampling frequencies include 44.1kHz and 48kHz. Also new from Tascam is their new TM-D1000 Digital Mixer. Priced at only $1,199, the unit features four XLR microphone inputs with phantom power, eight channels of TDIF-1 digital I/O, two XLR AES/EBU digital outputs, and two RCA S/PDIF digital outputs. The mixer can be expanded by adding two optional cards. The IF-TD1000 interface card adds eight channels of TDIF and four channels of AES/EBU or S/PDIF. The FX-1000 Effects Board adds four channels of dynamics processing and one stereo pair of reverb, chorus, delay, flange, etc.. The TM-D1000 also offers a digital external input, analog TRS balanced and RCA unbalanced stereo outputs, and up to 128 scenes (EQ, AUX, PAN, MUTE, EFFECT setups) which can be memorized and recalled from the front panel or via MIDI message. (213) 726-0303, www.tascam.com.


Emanuel (Manny) Kallins has joined FirstCom as Music Supervisor/Composer for the recently acquired Gotham Music Library. Manny began producing and composing titles for FirstCom in 1995 then eventually started his own library, Gotham Music Library, which FirstCom then acquired in 1997. (972) 446-8742, fax (972) 242-6526.

Kelly/Silver Worldwide, Inc. has purchased the total assets of Chateau Brazil Music for $7.3 million. The Chateau Brazil staff will be merged into Kelly/Silver’s avdeli.com division, and all new releases will be issued under the avdeli.com brand. (414) 632-8510, fax (414) 632-5527, www.avdeli.com.


It’s that time again. The 3rd Annual International Radio Creative & Production Summit is set for August 7-8 in Los Angeles. Featured speakers include Dan O’Day, Dick Orkin, Bobby Ocean, and Christine Coyle. For registration information, call (310) 476-8111, fax (310) 471-7762, or visit www.danoday.com.

Congratulations to Eric Bohlen, Creative Services Director at WIVK-FM, Knoxville, TN who was named a finalist in the recent Radio Mercury Awards. Out of 1,173 entries, his commercial for A&W Restaurants was named one of the 41 finalists. (423) 588-6511, fax (423) 588-3725.

Top Format Productions of The Netherlands has released their new demo, Ratings Up—Tomorrow’s Jingles for Today’s Radio. Ten new jingle packages are presented for the CHR, AC, and Hot AC formats, and the demo has a CD ROM track which contains all lyric sheets for the packages presented. (31) 23-5-320-640, (31) 23-5-315-473, www. topformat.nl.

A late congratulations to RAPster Pat White, WIL/WRTH, St. Louis, and his wife Dee on the birth of their new baby girl, Abbie Elaine White, born February 18. Pat says he wants her to be a production wiz, but mama wants a GM wiz!

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