by R.U. Lookin with Gig Hunter and Anita Job.

I should have seen it coming months ago. The differences of opinion with management, being passed over for a promotion, the “there’s really nothing holding you here” and “if you don’t agree you can leave” lines becoming more common. It’s time for me to leave my current Production Director slot for greener pastures. I haven’t been fired…yet. But you can’t know who I am until I get a new job. Current management would turf me in a heartbeat if they felt that I was not “committed” to XXXX-FM.

So I’ve started to look around; my demo and resume are ready. But where to start? Sure, I’ve got friends in radio keeping their ears open for me, but what can I do to help myself? This being the ‘90s, everything you need or want to know is on the Internet. But where to start? Well, if you are in my position, start here.

Here is a list of what I’ve found for radio gig sites on the ‘net. Note that some sites are significantly better than others are. I’d judge them for you but you’ll be looking for something different than I am. More power to you if you find a job from one of the “lesser” sights. Most of the jobs advertised are for air talent (mornings in particular), but there usually are a significant number of production/creative positions. Note that you’ll find the same position posted on many of the sites below. After a time or two through the list, you’ll know what sites work for you. You will need and hour or two a week to check for recent postings.

Radio and Production --
RockRadio1 --
Wradio Active Zone --
All Access --
Airvibes --
Airwaves --
All-Star Radio --
BRS Radio --
Biz Radio --
Broadcast Careers --
Broadcast Jobs --
Chase Consulting --
Jock-Net --
Mediacasting --
Radio and Records --
Radio Web --
Radio Earth --
Radio OnLine -- (charges a fee)
Radiospace --
TV jobs (radio too!) --
Virginia Broadcasters --
Michigan Broadcasters --
California Broadcasters --
Central Cal. Broadcasters --
Arizona Broadcasters --
New Mexico Broadcasters --

There is a list of all the U.S. FM radio stations, with e-mail to the PD’s ( When you do find a new job, you’ll need to know how much to ask for. To match your current salary to a new city, check the Salary Calculator (

Don’t forget to use your favorite search engine (I’m partial to on a semi-regular basis to find the newest sites. If you do find a site not listed here, let the rest of us know too.