ORBAN announces new Version 1.5 Software for the Audicy digital audio workstation. The new software adds more sophisticated machine control facilities, augmenting Audicy’s SMPTE features for video and film audio post production. Also new are extensive WAV file import and export capabilities, supporting full sample and bit rate conversion, new networking features, and expanded record times. 510/351-3500, fax 510/351-0500,

SONIC FOUNDRY adds Sound Forge XP 4.0 ($149) to their line. The program is a streamlined version of the popular Sound Forge editing software and is specifically tailored for multimedia and Internet users. Running on the Windows platform, Sound Forge XP can be used to record, edit, and process mono or stereo audio files, and delivers over 25 digital effects and processes including reverb, 10-band EQ, distortion, and fade in/out. Supported formats include WAV, NeXT/Sun Java AU, Windows AVI, RealAudio, RealVideo, and Macintosh AIFF. Also new from Sonic Foundry is the XFX Series of DirectX Audio Plug-Ins. The plug-ins will operate with any program that supports DirectX plug-ins including Sound Forge 4.0. The first plug-in pack, XFX-1, includes six discrete plug-ins: Reverb, Time Compress/Expand, Multi-tap Delay, Chorus, Pitch Shift, and Simple Delay. All effects can be previewed in real time. 608/256-3133, fax 608/256-7300,

TC ELECTRONICS announces FireworX, a new multi-effects processor ($2,195) featuring reverbs, delays, a ring modulator, filter effects, pitch shifting, noise and distortion generators, vocoder, reverse delays and more. Other features include XLR I/O, 24-bit A/D and D/A converters, and AES/EBU, S/PDIF, and ADAT interfaces. 805/373-1828, fax 805/379-7598. In other TC news, TC WORKS, TC Electronics new “Plug-In” company, and SOUNDSCAPE have announced the upcoming release of a Reverb Plug-In for the Soundscape Digital Audio Workstation. The plug-in ($699) will utilize the DSP functions of Soundscape’s SSAC-1 Accelerator Card and delivers TC-quality reverbs.

E-MU SYSTEMS announces shipment of E-mu Creation Studio, an E-mu enhanced version of the Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold card bundled with a suite of music software. For $325 you get the Creative Labs AWE64 Gold audio card with an additional 4 meg of RAM, Cakewalk Express SE, Sonic Foundry’s Sound Forge XP 3.0, SoundTrek Jammer Hit Session, Creative Labs’ Vienna SoundFont Editor, and several SoundFont examples. The company also announces the creation of a new division. E-mu Custom Engineering will target the corporate audio markets in the post and entertainment industries. 408/438-1921, fax 408/438-8612,

OTARI CORPORATION recently showed their new line of stand alone disk-based recorders that record up to an hour of uncompressed stereo digital audio to standard 3.5-inch Magneto-Optical disks. The PD-80 8-Channel MO Disk Recorder/Editor offers a full-featured editor with SMPTE support and SVGA video output for waveform editing standard. Other features include 20-bit A/D and D/A converters, AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital I/O, and balanced XLR analog I/O. The PD-20 2-Channel MO Recorder shares the same converters and many of the editing and sync features of the PD-80 and is an ideal upgrade from time-code DATs and reel-to-reel decks. Features include four internal tracks and full compatibility with the PD-80. The DX-5050 2-Channel Portable MO Disk Recorder features a familiar tape-like interface and jog/shuttle wheel. Location monitoring can be done either by headphones or the internal speaker. Digital transfers are possible via AES/EBU and S/PDIF connectors, and analog XLR connectors are mic/line selectable. Data is recorded in the PC Wave format (.wav). 415/341-5900, fax 415/341-7200,

FURMAN SOUND introduces the C-132 single channel limiter/compressor. Features include adjustable ratio, attack, release, threshold with three operation modes: Compress, De-ess, and Side Chain. Two C-132s can be linked as a stereo pair. $269 or $303 for the C-132B with balanced I/O. 707/763-1010, fax 707/763-1310,

ENCO SYSTEMS debuts DADPRO32 for the Windows NT operating system. The DOS version, DADPRO will continue to be sold and supported. 248/476-5711, fax 248/476-5712,

SONIC SOLUTIONS debuts SonicStudio DVD, the first digital audio workstation designed specifically to premaster audio for DVD discs. The system is capable of authoring DVD-Video discs today, and will provide the foundation to author content for the upcoming DVD-Audio specification when it is released. It runs on a single Macintosh computer, and can be extended into a workgroup configuration. The company also recently demonstrated Direct Stream Digital (DSD), a new technology developed in cooperation with Sony Corporation that allows audio recordings to be digitally recorded, edited and played back with unparalleled fidelity closely approaching a live performance. The Direct Stream Digital format uses an oversampled delta sigma modulated analog-to-digital converter to generate a 64fs 1-bit signal (2.8224Mhz), a rate chosen as a simple multiple of the most common PCM sample rate used for CD recordings, 44.1kHz. This technique yields better fidelity and extends the frequency response beyond 100kHz. 415/893-8000, fax 415/893-8008,


Brg MUSIC WORKS announces the release of Essential Radio, a production library consisting of more than 2,000 on over fifty CDs. Categories include Classic Rock, Funk Rock, R&B, Retail, Imaging, Club, News/Weather/Sports & Traffic, and Rhythms. The library is available on a format exclusive basis. 800/280-1994.

VALENTINO PRODUCTION MUSIC AND SOUND EFFECTS announces the release of twelve new production music libraries, each based on subject matter and style. The Evergreen Collection consists of twelve libraries of ten CDs each. Library categories include Dramatic, Comedy, Cartoon, Historic, Dance, Foreign, Americana, Documentary, Electronic, Instrumental Solo, Industrial, and Mystery. Additionally, the company has revealed that beginning in 1998, both the Evergreen Collection and the large Valentino Production Music Library will be available as downloadable via bit stream technology over the Internet at the company’s Web site, New releases have also been announced for the Valentino Sound Effects Library which now consists of fifty CDs. 914/347-7878, fax 914/347-4764.

THE MUSIC BAKERY adds another CD to their collection. Categories include Seasonal Celebrations, Classic American Jazz, Corporate Motivation, Heartfelt Wonders, and Lifestyles and Entertainment. The Bakery is also now offering “Custom Baked” CDs, custom burnt with your hand picked selections. 800/229-0313,

RADIO POTATO announces a new daily feature for all radio formats. Twisted History Radio Theater is a “twisted” take on an event from that day in history. Written by “Hollywood” Jerry Lentz, the program features a cast of performers reenacting scenes from historical events. 260 shows per year are available on a market exclusive, cash only basis. 817/481-4453, fax 817/488-6177,

Pacific Research & Engineering announces the initial delivery and installation of their new Integrity Digital Console at KFMB-FM/San Diego, one for the on-air studio, and one for production!

Congrats to Bill Weston who exits WHJY/East Providence to handle the production duties at WEEI/Boston!