PACIFIC RESEARCH & ENGINEERING announces the rollout of the QuikBilt modular cabinetry line engineered for stations in the medium to smaller markets. Also slated for unveiling at NAB Vegas is the company's Integrity digital on-air console. A computer at the heart of the system allows broadcasters to re-configure and automate console settings and functions. The Integrity also contains an analog subsystem running in parallel with the digital signal path, providing a fail-safe backup of mechanism to keep the console on the air in the event the digital path requires service. 619/438-3911,

OTARI announces the Otari Status, a digitally controlled analog console with dual-input architecture. A 24-channel desk provides 48 automated channels with dynamic automation of faders, mutes and computer controlled switches on both channel paths, MIDI communication with console, and a graphic interface running under Windows 95. In other Otari news, RADAR View 1.4 software is now available for the RADAR multitrack system, and the UFC-24 Digital Format Converter makes its debut and allows up to 24 channels of real-time transfers among multiple digital formats including ADAT, DA-88, PD, DASH, AES/EBU, and others. 415/341-5900, fax 415/341-7200.

SYMETRIX introduces the 606 Delay F/x Machine ($599) which marks the first Symetrix venture into effects processing. The unit couples vintage controls with state-of-the-art features. Rotary knobs allow "live" function adjustments and eliminate hidden menu scrolling. Control features include delay, delay time diffusion, filter, feedback, and room simulation. You get two separate delay sections with up to 2.6 seconds of delay each, or patch in series. MIDI controllable. Also new from Symetrix are the 531E and 532E Graphic Equalizers. Both are 31-band units. The 531E is a mono unit, the 532E is a dual-mono unit. 206/787-3222, fax 206/787-3211.

AKAI's new CD3000XL Sampler is designed for sampling from CD and keeping it all in the digital domain. It comes with a built-in 4x CD-ROM drive. Features include ten outputs, S/PDIF digital I/O and 8 meg of RAM, expandable to 32 meg. 817/336-5114, fax 817/870-1271.

In the category of affordable and easy to use effects boxes, the PEAVEY Deltafex might be tough to beat. For $159 you get simple front panel controls of sixteen stereo effects including reverbs, delays, and flanging/phasing. Just two parameters for each effect with a knob for each. 601/483-5365, fax 601/486-1278.

Another affordable effects box is the ZOOM Studio 1204. $249 buys you 32 effects with a 16-position "Pattern" parameter for a total of 512 effect programs. Front panel knobs include two edit controls, 2-band EQ controls, and a wet/dry mix control. Effects include reverbs, delays, flanger/chorus, pitch shift, even a vocoder and more. MIDI controllable. Stereo or dual mono operation. 516/932-3810.


JEFF THOMAS PRODUCTIONS, the production team that launched Virgin Radio London [RAP Interview, Oct. 1995] announces the release of Killer Hertz. The single CD library features a collection of "Static Movements, Phone Tones, Power Trips, Short-wave hits, ID beds, prepackaged show intros" and more. It's a $600 buyout and the demo is awesome. Call London at (44) 171/266-5120 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info.


dennis-daniel-mar97If you've enjoyed reading Dennis Daniel's Tales of the Tape column these past eight years, you're sure to love his new book, "Tales of the Tape: A Production Director's Odyssey... Or .. How to Survive and Stay Creative in an Industry That Eats Its Young." The book is being published by the National Association of Broadcasters and features every column Dennis wrote for Radio And Production from 1990 to 1996, plus a foreword by radio and TV legend Gary Owens and introduction by RAP's own Jerry Vigil. There's also a series of cartoons created just for the book by Long Island cartoonist Tony Distefano. Dennis will premier the book at NAB in Las Vegas this April, with autograph sessions set for Tuesday, April 8th and Wednesday April 9th from 1 to 2 pm at the NAB book store in the Sands Convention Center. If you can't make it to the show, don't fret, Dennis will be back with the NAB Radio Show in New Orleans this September. Also, if you're planning to attend this year's NAB Las Vegas convention, be sure to attend Dennis Daniel's and John Pellegrini's seminar "How to Make Your Production Sizzle." It will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Monday, April 7th from 3:30 to 4:15. Dennis and John will be joined by Don Elliot, Production Director of KFI/KOST/KACE in Los Angeles. The talk will focus on how to write and produce better spots and promos, no matter what tools you have in house. Examples of all three speakers work will be featured.

Speaking of the man, John Pellegrini takes the big leap and exits WKLQ/Grand Rapids to take the Creative Director gig at WLS-AM 89 in Chicago! We knew a major market would grab him sooner or later!

Broadcasting pioneer and Minneapolis voice talent Woody Leafer died on January 17 of this year. He was 78. He is being memorialized on a Web site constructed by a friend, Norm Larsen. People who knew him are invited to contribute to the site at

KIDSTAR INTERACTIVE MEDIA has joined forces with Cablevision System Corporation, one of the largest cable television companies, for the rollout of Optimum Online. As one of the first cable modem services offering Internet access, Optimum Online delivers program material at speeds up to fifty times faster than with conventional phone lines. 206/382-1250 x223,

Joe Ryan, a 12-year veteran of BASF has formed JR PRO SALES, INC. in Los Angeles. The company is in charge of sales and distribution for the full line of BASF audio, video and duplication products for the United States. 805/295-5551, fax 805/295-5554.

PACIFIC RESEARCH & ENGINEERING announces plans to expand into Asia with immediate targets of Korea and Hong Kong and a long term goal of distribution channels throughout the continent and the Pacific Rim. 619/438-3911,

The SOCIETY OF BROADCAST ENGINEERS (SBE) adds two new certifications: CEV/Certified Engineer Video, and CEA/Certified Engineer Audio. 317/253-1640,

Jaye Albright, Keith Hill and Michael O'Malley jointly announced a merger of their three consultancies to form Albright, Hill & O'Malley -- RadioIQ, The Country Radio Specialists. 206/842-5979.

COMPUTER CONCEPTS CORPORATION adds Ted Lantz as Sales Manager. Lantz joined Computer Concepts after 12 years with Broadcast Electronics.


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