letters-logo-oct95It was a very light load in the mailbox this month, but we did get one short note from Mr. Mel. If you've been following the "Mr. Mel Story" from the past two issues, here's Mr. Mel's response to Leigh Jacobs letter in the last issue:

Leigh Jacobs: When it comes to naiveté, you have the market cornered. You advise Mr. Mel to "grow up" so that he can understand your Republican mantra. Profit is good for all, especially those wonderful people who run big corporations and wisely support creative, talented radio people and throw the rest out. Only the strong survive. I wonder if you'll be one of them.

Mr. Mel

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January 01, 2008 9542
by Steve Cunningham To say that Adobe’s Audition is a staple of radio production would be an understatement. Audition has been a favorite since it was Cool Edit and Cool Edit Pro, and we’ve looked at that product several times...