ENCO SYSTEMS and SPECTRAL, INC. have jointly announced the availability of Spectral workstations via all ENCO DAD dealers, including the popular Express for Prisma 8-track editor (slated for a RAP Test Drive next month). The development enables direct transfer of audio files from the Spectral workstation to the DADpro for immediate on-air availability. For info contact ENCO at 248/476-5711, fax 248/476-5712.

AUDIX introduces the latest addition to their OM series of dynamic vocal mics. The OM6 at a list price of $349 features a low frequency extension not typical with other dynamic mics and a flat frequency response that allows it to approximate the sound of condenser mics. The frequency range is 48Hz - 19kHz and off axis rejection is >30dB. 714/588-8072,

LEXICON's new MPX-1 is a true stereo effects box featuring six effects "blocks" and 56 effects algorithms. Effects include a variety of pitch shifters, chorus/flanging, EQ, reverbs, delays, and modulation effects. There are 200 presets and 50 user slots. Emphasis is put on a simple yet powerful interface for parameter control and building your own effects. Other features include effect "morphing," balanced analog I/O (TRS and XLR), and digital I/O. 617/736-0300, fax 617/891-0340.

DK-Audio has added several features to the MSD200 Master Stereo Display audio metering system. Aimed at mastering studios, or anyone involved in mastering, the MSD200 has three new digital scales with selectable reference level, an overload counter with individually adjustable "overs" definition from 1 - 16, and a visual indicator for the "over" range on the scale. Also new is the "Statistical Software Package" (Version 1.46) which includes an on-screen readout of "overs" versus time for events, as well as a graphic representation of the Normal Distribution Pattern of the signal showing compression, dynamic range, and average meter indication. It's free of charge to all MSD200 owners. For info contact TC Electronic US, the North American distributor for DK-Audio, at 805/373-1828, fax 805/379-2648.

FOSTEX brings time code capable DAT decks to a respectable price range ($3,295) with the D-15. However, full sync capability does require adding the additional 8335 sync card for $595. The follow-up to the D-10 features 18-bit, 64x oversampling inputs and 20-bit, 3x oversampling on the outputs, an optional 9-pin machine control card for remote control of the D-15 via video editing systems, and lots more for the A/V producer. 310/921-1112, fax 310/802-1964.

DIGITECH's new Vocalist Workstation is a harmony processor capable of adding up to 5-part harmonies to a single input and comes complete with reverb effects. A "Gender Bender" mode makes it easier to turn that guy's voice into a gal's and vice versa. There are 50 presets and 50 user locations in memory. $749. 801/566-8800, fax 801/566-7005.

SPIRIT BY SOUNDCRAFT has some new near-field monitors. The Absolute 4P ($500 ea.) is a bi-amplified system with separate amps for the 6.5-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter. Frequency response is reported at 35Hz to 23kHz, and a 40Hz high-pass filter is included. 916/888-0488, fax 916/888-0480.


RADIO POTATO announces the release of their 1997 Demo, marking the 5th anniversary for the Potatoes. Radio And Production Members don't have to call for a demo, it was included in your package with this month's issue of RAP! Non-RAP subscribers can call 800/GOT NUPIS for a demo. New this year from Radio Potato, Tater Skins, a 26 CD production library. Call 213/666-0992 #26501 or visit www. for a demo. The Spud production music library has increased to 42 CDs. The Whoosh & Zap Package has an update, and Radio Potato introduces a new service, The Radio InterNetWork, which provides voices for spots and promos over the Internet.

BROWN BAG PRODUCTIONS is shipping their newest and largest library ever. Rampage is a 4 CD set featuring 240 minutes of audio on 921 cuts. There are 2 CDs of "Beds," 216 cuts in a variety of styles. The "Logos" CD delivers 170 cuts, and the "Sounds" CD is jammed with 535 cuts in 33 categories, including new categories such as "Servo/Robotic," "Sex," "Cyber Sounds," "Rewinds," and more. 303/756-9949, fax 303/759-8213.

TOBY ARNOLD & ASSOCIATES' (TA&A) continues to add new releases to their Attitude II and LifeStyles production libraries and announces the availability of a new demo showcasing all 19 of their libraries by format. Call 800/527-5335, fax 214/250-6014, or visit

PROMUSIC continues to add new releases to their libraries by the dozens. Call them at 561/995-0331, fax 561/995-8434 to get a copy of the current issue of Promusic Notes which lists the latest releases and their contents, or visit their Web site for the scoop at

CHATEAU BRAZIL/AV DELI announces the upcoming release this summer of Beat Off, a 2 CD library of 350 "compositional percussion scores"--:30s, :15s, and :10s, and over 100 short form elements and workparts. Also on the way in August, Rock 'n Roll! ChicagoBlue!, a 7 CD imaging library featuring 3 CDs of promo beds, 2 CDs of "Sonic Accentuations and MicroScores," and 2 CDs with over 900 work parts. 414/224-6396, fax 414/224-6393, email ChBrazil@


Big moves at WNAP, Indianapolis. Program Director, Peter Smith, released his Morning Show from their responsibilities and on the same day terminated veteran Production Director Johnny George, the last and only past-staffer from the original WNAP air crew of the '70s. Johnny stated to a very surprised group of friends, "...I'm a survivor...when one door closes, another window of opportunity opens." Good luck, Johnny!

If you're a rockabilly fan, there's a new Web site just for you. Tune your computer chips to the WWW Rockabilly Hall of Fame at

VANILLA GORILLA PRODUCTIONS was recently recognized at the 9th Annual Texas Crime Stoppers Conference for their work in the category of Best Radio PSA/Special Production. Congrats to Creative Director and RAP Member Randall Horvath! 409/694-7011.

Bill Downs, Production Director for KMJX/KDDK in Little Rock, Arkansas, won the Gold Addy award for Best Station Commercial using Comedy at the recent Clear Channel Communications Annual GM's Meeting in San Antonio, TX. Another RAPster scores!

And while we're on a roll, kudos to WEZE-AM/Boston and RAPsters Mark Stevick (producer) and Matt Hillas (writer) who won the Radio-Mercury Silver Award for Best Radio Station-Produced Commercial. We encourage everyone to let us know when your work has been acknowledged with an award, and we further encourage you to take the time to submit the winning production so we can put in on the monthly RAP Cassette and showcase your work internationally!

RAP Webmaster and veteran production rat Andrew Frame exits WJBX-FM/Ft. Myers after six and a half years to cross the street as the new Production Director for the competition, Beasly Broadcasting's CHR WXKB/B103.9. Make sure they miss ya, Andy!

Craig Jackman/CHEZ-FM/Ottawa, Ontario reports some recent awards for the station. At the Radio Impact Awards their efforts were awarded with 1st Place Overall, Category Winner-Radio Station/Advertiser Promotion, Certificate of Merit/Radio Station Only Promotion, and Honourable Mention/Radio Station Only Promotion. The Radio Impact Awards are presented by the Radio Marketing Bureau of Canada. These are the National radio awards of advertising and the Canadian Equivalent of the Clios. Read more about CHEZ's awesome creative team in this month's RAP Interview with CHEZ Creative Director, Renaud Timson.

NIGHT TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONAL follows the popular EQ3 with the EQ3-D Dimensional Equalizer ($995). The EQ3-D is a six-band, two-channel equalizer with separate channel controls for each of the six bands. It is a true stereo system with total channel-independent electronics and filters. Each of the first five bands is 2.5 octaves wide with controls for a maximum adjustment of ±15dB. The sixth band is the "AirBand" and includes the Vari-Air feature allowing an adjustable elbow frequency on the AirBand shelf of between 2.5kHz and 40kHz. The sixth band allows for a maximum gain of 20dB. The EQ3-D supports balanced or unbalanced XLR inputs and outputs. 801/375-9288, fax 801/375-9286.

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