AKAI announces the release of the DL16 Remote Controller ($1,795) for the DR8 and DR16 Digital Disk Recorders. Designed to operate through the optional IB803M MIDI interface, the DL16 has an onboard 16-channel digital mixer and provides operation of up to eight machines from a single controller providing access to all record, edit, and mix functions plus transport controls, jog/shuttle wheel, and numeric keypad. 817/336-5114, fax 817/870-1271,

SOUNDCRAFT's new Spirit Folio Notepad is a small mic/line mixer priced at only $249.95. You get four mono mic/line inputs with EQ, two stereo line inputs, one send with a stereo return, and more. On a slightly larger scale, check out the Spirit Folio SX mixer. The 4-buss follow-up to the original Spirit Folio is priced at $769 and offers twelve mono mic/line inputs and four stereo inputs, three sends, eight channel direct outs, 3-band EQ (2-band on the stereo inputs), phantom power and more. 916/888-0488, fax 916/888-0480.

FOCUSRITE/GROUP ONE has a new line of processors. The Green 1 Mic Preamp is a 2-channel unit with phantom power and phase reverse switch for $1,099. The Green 2 Focus EQ is a single channel six-band EQ with a mic preamp ($1,249). The Green 3 Voicebox ($1,349) is a mic processor featuring EQ, compressor, expander, and de-esser. 516/249-1399, fax 516/753-1020.

HARRIS BROADCAST DIVISION introduces the A2D2A A/D and D/A converter. The 20-bit unit can perform A/D and D/A conversions simultaneously. Select from 48kHz, 44.1kHz or 32kHz, or lock to an external AES/EBU reference signal. Other features include balanced and unbalanced analog I/O and both AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital I/O. 317/735-1704,

CAKEWALK MUSIC SOFTWARE is shipping Version 5.0 of their entire Windows line including Cakewalk Pro Audio, Cakewalk Home Studio, Cakewalk Professional, and Cakewalk Song Station. There's a small fee for current users. 617/926-2480, fax 617/924-6657.

YAMAHA's MD4 utilizes the MiniDisc format to provide a nice little 4-track digital recorder. The unit comes with a 4-channel mixer and provides cut and paste editing. You can even bounce all four tracks down to one or more tracks to free up more tracks. 714/522-9011, fax 714/739-2680.

SONY adds another 4-track MiniDisc unit to the party with the MDM-4X. You get a 6-channel mixer with EQ, send, and return. Other features include cut and paste editing, a jog/shuttle wheel, and the ability to bounce all tracks down to free up tracks. Also from SONY is the PCM-R500 DAT Recorder featuring AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital I/O, balanced and unbalanced analog I/O, and jog/shuttle wheel. 201/358-4196.

TASCAM is in the 4-track MiniDisc game also, with the 564 Portastudio. Features include S/PDIF digital output, 3-band EQ, balanced XLR inputs, four mono and two stereo inputs, jog/shuttle wheel and more. 213/726-0303.

SIGNAL TRANSPORT is introducing the Project Patch TRS, a new, lower-cost ($250) version of the "plug and play" Project Patch Studio Wiring System. Project Patch TRS is based around a 1/4-inch, 48-point patch bay rather than the 96-point bay of the original Project Patch. Features include 48 PC board-mounted TRS front panel jacks with each group of eight top and bottom jacks appearing on a single gold-plated, rear-panel multi-pin connector. 510/528-6039, fax 510/528-6043.

ALESIS is keeping the nanos coming. First it was the NanoVerb, now it's the NanoCompressor. Also a 1/3 rack-space unit, the NanoCompressor features front panel controls for Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release, and Output level. Two LED meters display input/output levels and gain reduction. All for only $149. 310/558-4530, fax 310/836-9192.

Can you imagine 10kHz bidirectional audio on a plain old telephone line (POTS)? The COMREX HotLine is calling! The unit is designed for live remotes, news reports, etc. and required a unit at both the send and receive points. 508/263-1800, fax 508/635-0401.

LEXICON has some new PCMCIA cards for the PCM-80 and PCM-90 processors. The Scott Martin Gershin Card and the David Rosenthal Music FX Card each have 100 presets. There's also the Pitch Shift II card for the PCM-80 and a reverb card for the PCM-90. 617/736-0300, fax 617/891-0340.


CHATEAU BRAZIL announces the release of Son Of Speedtracks, a $595 buyout 2 CD library of 1350+ "attacks, sweepers, breakers, accentuation, microbeds, and workparts." 414/224-6396, fax 414/224-6393, email ChBrazil

THE MUSIC BAKERY adds a new CD to their collection of nearly 30 CDs. Categories on the new CD include Orchestral Power, Technology, Dramatic Action, Way-Cool Tracks, and Precussion. 800/229-0313.


BUMPER PRODUCTIONS can now send produced bumpers, promos, and spots to client stations with Internet Sound Delivery. Using the Net as the communications platform, combined with a high-speed modem on your production studio's PC, standard 16-bit stereo .WAV files can be downloaded from the Bumper Productions Web site to your system. 615/646-8800, fax 615/646-BUMP,!.

KIDSTAR INTERACTIVE MEDIA promotes Kellie Krug as VP or Marketing and Member Services and adds Jillian Muschell as Regional Market Manager, Southern California.

PHILIPS KEY MODULES is offering a free 6-page brochure entitled "MPEG: The Only International Standard for Audio and Video Encoding." The brochure describes MPEG1 and MPEG2, discusses backward and future compatibility issues and more. 408/453-7373, fax 408/453-6444.

PACIFIC RESEARCH & ENGINEERING continues its expansion and adds Kyung-Min Ahn as Regional Sales Manager, Asian territories. Prior to joining PR&E, Ahn was a producer for GTV in Seoul, Korea. Clark Novak also joins the team as a market research specialist. Novak exits KUPR/KKQS in San Diego where he served as Program Director, Asst. Chief Engineer, Music Director and air personality.

BROADCAST ELECTRONICS announces the appointment of Jerry Brown to position of Sales Manager, Southeastern Region. Jerry comes to Broadcast Electronics from Benchmark Communications in Baltimore. John J. Monahan moves to the position of RF Customer Service Engineer and comes from Lockheed Martin.