E-MU SYSTEMS announces that Version 2.01 software for the Darwin hard-disk digital audio recorder is now shipping. Darwin 2.01 provides full support for the new DSP option card, and it adds new software features including the ability to control Darwin’s internal digital mixer over MIDI, the ability to store locate points on the fly, support for the two front-panel assignable keys, and the ability to back up a hard drive to SCSI QIC (quarter-inch cartridge) drives, which can be mounted inside Darwin. The new DSP card (model 4014) features a 32-bit processor, time compression/expansion, pitch transposition, and gain/fade level control. E-mu Systems has also entered into exclusive distribution agreements with Guitar Center and Sweetwater Sound to become US retail distributors for the Darwin. Look for a Test Drive soon! (408) 438-1921, fax (408) 438-8612,

GENELEC has a new near-field monitor system that features a pair of biamplified speaker systems, the 1029As, and a subwoofer, model 1091A. 40-watt amps power each 1029A with a 5-inch woofer and a 3/4-inch tweeter. The subwoofer features an 8-inch driver which pushes the frequency range down to 38Hz. (508) 440-7520, fax (508) 440-7521,

MACKIE is also in the biamplified near-field monitor game with their HR824 monitors. Features include 8 3/4-inch woofers and 1-inch tweeters powered by separate 150 watt and 100 watt amps. Frequency response is 39Hz to 22kHz. (800) 898-3211, fax (206) 487-4337.

SONIC SOLUTIONS announced recently that Sonic DVD Creator, their integrated system for premastering content for the new DVD format, has received Dolby Digital (AC-3) certification, making the system the first professional audio workstation-based Dolby digital encoding system. (415) 893-8000, fax (415) 893-8008, Sonic Solutions has also recently opened a new Pacific Rim office in Minatoku, Tokyo, Japan. (81) 3-5439-7171, fax (81) 3-5439-7172.

FAIRLIGHT has a new workstation. The MFX3plus is an upgrade of the original MFX system featuring a new controller panel, a faster CPU (up to 40 times faster), a faster graphics engine, and PCI bus support. It’s available in several models including desktop, rackmount, and a version configured for interfacing with the Yamaha 02R digital console. (310) 287-1400, fax (310) 287-0200.

The DMT-8VL from FOSTEX is a new 8-track digital workstation priced at only $1,295. You get an onboard mixer with eight channel inputs, 2-band EQ on each channel, and 2 sends per channel. The internal 540 megabyte drive can be divided into five “virtual reels.” You get 16-bit linear recording at 44.1kHz sampling and your basic cut and paste editing functions. Upgrade recording time with a 2.2 gig drive or with the model DMT-8VLS which features a SCSI port for about $350 more. (310) 921-1112, fax (310) 802-1964.

CD Architect ($395) from SONIC FOUNDRY is now shipping. Design audio CDs to Red Book specs. Use as a stand-alone editor or as a Sound Forge 4.0 plug-in on Windows 95 or NT. Features include 99 tracks per disc with 99 sub-indices per track, single or multi-file playlisting, dozens of audio processes, tools and effects, and it generates printable cue sheets and more. (608) 256-3133, fax (608) 256-7300,


CHATEAU BRAZIL/AV DELI announces the availability in August of Mona, a 3-CD library consisting of 100+ “rockin’” country promo scores, 100+ remixes and new “traditional country” promos scores, and Mothertruckers, a 350+ cut CD of workparts. (414) 224-6396, fax (414) 224-6393, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

DAN O’DAY’s L.A. Air Force has released a brand-new, 99-cut CD filled with original, “mildly obnoxious” jingles. Did you ever wish you had a jingle to play at the end of a dumb listener phone call? “Thank you for your uninformed opinion!” The CD, titled Dork-a-Pellas ($99 buy-out), also includes a few original PAMS jingles from the late 1950s, plus a few group reactions, dramatic “danger” stabs, and half a dozen specialty music beds. Demo line, (310) 476-8208, or fax for info, (310) 471-7762.


PAUL TURNER PRODUCTIONS adds a new site to the Internet. Check out for demos, the Paul Turner Productions newsletter, and more. (800) 736-3878.