letters-logo-oct95There is one overriding benefit to radio consultants: When they fly into town from California, your General Manager and Program Director disappear from your life for several days. If you're like me, you'll use this time for therapy and re-read back issues of Radio And Production.

Now, I've only just recently found my calling as Production Director, so I really feel odd offering advice. This seems pretty safe though. Do yourself a favor and order as many back issues of this magazine as you can afford. Psychoanalysis is much more expensive, and you have to TALK to another person, besides.

A couple of weeks ago, I prayed to the gods at VISA to grant me the balance to order two dozen back issues. I can only say thank you. Thanks to all the contributors who have made me realize that I'm not alone, and, as Don May put it in the October '96 issue, there IS a big ol' "WELCOME" sign waiting for me at the funny farm.

In addition to the dozens of new ideas you'll get on each Cassette, in addition to all the interviews, in addition to all the product reviews and Producer's "views," you'll gain peace of mind knowing that people understand the same twisted, bent, monk-like philosophy that you adhere to.

So, to my new friends, a toast (with the three St. Patrick's Day leftover bottles of Guinness in my passenger seat--it's all I have, so take a small sip and pass to your left): May your traffic department be as wonderful to spend the day with as mine, may your phone not ring, your sales staff not return early, and your hard drive not cr... well, better not spell that one out. Suffice to say, it's nice to be home.

Timothy Miles, Creative Director

Dear Timothy,

If we had asked you to write an ad for our back issues, we couldn't have expected more! I'll bet your station has a lot of happy clients. Thanks!


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