FOSTEX introduces Version 2 software for the Fostex D-80 hard disk recording system. New system software additions include new machine control functionality, including the ability of the master D-80 to set all slave devices into the record mode via a MIDI data command. And users can now upgrade to a 2.55 GB drive interface, with up to 60 minutes of audio. 310/921-1112.

Version 1.4 Software for the OTARI RADAR digital multitrack is now available. 415/341-5900.

TURTLE BEACH SYSTEMS (which recently merged with Voyetra) has some new audio cards. Based upon the MultiSound family of sound cards, these new cards feature a digital I/O option. The MultiSound Pinnacle features 97dB S/N, a 20-bit DAC, and the Turtle Beach Hurricane Architecture for higher data transfer rates. Other features include Plug and Play compatibility, upgradeable sample RAM, and a daughter board connector for an optional second synthesizer. For audiophiles who don't need the MIDI portion of the MultiSound Pinnacle, but want the advanced digital features it has to offer, the MultiSound Fiji is for you. The Pro Series Digital I/O Daughter Board mates with both the MultiSound Fiji and the MultiSound Pinnacle to provide digital input and output. The last of the MultiSound Pro Series is the MultiSound Catalina, which uses the PCI Bus architecture and includes multiple input and output channels, digital I/O, and all the superior audio characteristics of the Fiji. 510/624-6200.

SYMETRIX offers three new equalizers. The 531E is a single channel 31-band graphic EQ. The 532E is a dual channel 31-band graphic. The 551E is a five band parametric EQ. 206/787-3222.

RANE CORPORATION offers one more way to mix mic and line signals. The MLM 82 is a new eight-input, two-output mic/line mixer. Four of the inputs may be switched to mic level, and the other four accommodate up to four stereo line level sources. Inputs 1-4 are balanced XLR connectors for use with microphones, each switchable to line level. A phantom power switch is on the rear. Channels 5-8 each accept a mono balanced XLR input, or stereo or mono ¼" TRS balanced/unbalanced inputs. The MLM 82 is in a single height 19" rackmount chassis. Also new from RANE is the DA 216 Distribution Amplifier which doubles the distribution power of its discontinued Flex FDA 28 predecessor for the same price! The DA 216 can be configured 1 input to 16 outputs, 1 stereo input to 8 stereo outputs, 2 mixed inputs to 16 outputs, and 2 independent inputs to dual 8 Mono outputs. The unit features two pre-distribution screwdriver adjustable master level controls, with 16 screwdriver adjustable output level controls. The DA 216 is housed in a 19" 1U rack mount chassis. Connections are made via screw terminals. The inputs are individually mic/line switchable, the microphone level inputs are 15V phantom power switchable. The outputs are balanced

line level. 206/355-6000, fax 206/347-7757.

YAMAHA announces the REV500 Digital Reverberator. Using the same high-quality third-generation DSP chip as the flagship ProR3 reverb, the REV500 is priced at only $500. The REV500 offers tremendous power due to the incorporation of the new Yamaha DSP3 chip. This third generation DSP yields 32-bit internal processing which results in a denser, richer reverb with very smooth decay. The REV500 features 20-bit A/D and D/A oversampling converters (44.1 kHz sampling rate) for high dynamic range (96 dB typical) and extremely low noise. Features include independent left and right channels, two built-in sound sources, a snare drum and cross stick-which can be used to set reverb parameters without an external signal source, a large LCD display, and dedicated rotary controls for the four most critical reverb parameters, 100 preset and 100 user programs, balanced XLR and 1/4-inch connections, and more. 714/522-9011, fax 714/739-2680.


FIRSTCOM MUSIC and entrepreneur Jim Long have announced a joint partnership to develop the newly launched OneMusic Library with FirstCom and its associated Zomba foreign production music companies handling worldwide distribution. The OneMusic Library features LiquidTrax, a new technology which provides more flexibility and creativity to clients working in a digital audio workstation environment. Introduction of LiquidTrax will occur this month at NAB Vegas. 972/934-2222, fax 972/392-3454.

THE MUSIC BAKERY adds another CD to the collection. New music categories include Corporate Industrial, Urban Action, Inspirational, and Fired-Up Country. 800/229-0313.

MANHATTAN PRODUCTION MUSIC adds two new CDs to the Apple Trax library. AT 24 Media Blitz contains news themes, and AT 25 Rolling Hills offers medium tempo MOR cues. And sister company Chesky Records just won a Grammy for Best Latin Jazz Recording. 800/227-1954.


New York area Tri-mulcast Y-107 Creative Director/Voice Talent Jeff Schmidt exits to join Heritage San Francisco rocker KFOG/KFFG as Creative Director/Voice Talent. Jeff's also a RAP member with new studios equipped with ProTools III and a full assortment of DigiDesign and third-party plug-ins. Check out his free-lance business Web page at

The Southern California Chapter of American Women in Radio And Television (AWRT) presents the 42nd Annual Genii Awards on Friday, May 9. Over 400 industry professionals will be in attendance at Merv Griffin's Beverly Hilton Hotel. The 1997 honorees are: Melissa Gilbert, Actress, Genii Award for Talent & Performance; Jeri Taylor, Executive Producer of Star Trek Voyager, Genii Award for Talent & Performance; Karen Tobin, Marketing Executive NBC-4 (formerly V.P. of Marketing, KIIS-FM/AM Radio), Genii Award for Radio. For more info contact Stacey Kumagai, at 818/506-8675, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..