DIGITECH has a new low-priced effects box. The Studio Twin is a 2-channel effects box that features DigiTech's S-DISC technology. You get a healthy array of reverbs, flanges, delays, parametric EQ and more. There are 99 presets and 99 user locations. $299. For a little more punch, check out the STUDIO 400 4-in/4-out Multi-Effects Processor. For $869, you get four inputs and four outputs (XLR and 1/4-inch), 191 presets, 100 user memory locations, and the usual collection of reverbs, delays, flanges, and pitch shifting plus EQ, compression and more. Use up to eight effects at once and control up to eight parameters per effect with MIDI controllers. Also new from DigiTech is the VTP-1 Dual Vacuum Tube Preamp/EQ/Analog To Digital Converter. This is a very interesting box with several applications. Designed for those looking for some "warmth" in their digital recordings, the unit features a hybrid vacuum tube mike preamp, a tube line amp, 4-band EQ, and an 18-bit analog to digital converter. Use as a mike preamp before going to a digital workstation. This is a 2-channel unit, so you can also feed a workstation's stereo digital output through it before mastering digitally to DAT or your station's hard disk storage/retrieval system. Includes balanced and unbalanced analog I/O and S/PDIF and AES/EBU digital outputs. 801/566-8800, fax 801/566-7005.

MUSICAM USA's CDQPrima series codecs not only offer Musicam, the enhanced ISO/MPEG IRT-certified Layer II bit stream, but now also feature ISO/MPEG Layer III, as well as G.722. CDQPrima with Layer III now provides 15kHz mono audio on a single ISDN "B" channel. For more info, call 908/739-5600, fax 908/739-1818.

TASCAM introduces the M1600 Series consoles designed specifically for users of MDM recorders like the Sony PCM-800 and Tascam DA-88. There's a 16-channel and a 24-channel version for $1,699 and $2,199 respectively. Both are 8-buss boards that feature 3-band EQ on each channel, one stereo send and four mono sends, four stereo returns, and optional meter bridges. The inputs are balanced XLR with mike preamps on the first eight channels with balanced 1/4-inch on all channels. Tape returns are available on a 25-pin connector. 213/726-0303, fax 213/727-7656.

MICRO TECHNOLOGY UNLIMITED was on hand at the recent Public Radio News Directors Inc. show in Washington, D.C.. MTU demonstrated how their MicroSound digital audio workstation can be used in news production. For info call 919/870-0344, fax 919/870-7163, or visit MTU's Web site at

ELECTRO-VOICE introduces the RE1000 condenser microphone. For $995 you get a true condenser mike with a supercardioid polar pattern, low frequency filter, and frequency response at 70Hz to 18kHz. 616/695-6831, fax 616/695-1304.

If you're using MiniDiscs on a major level, you might be interested in DENON's new DN-045R MiniDisc Replicator. The rack mount unit copies a 74 minute MiniDisc in just 21 minutes by copying the compressed audio rather than decoding the ATRAC compressed audio first then encoding it again to the slave. 201/575-7510.

SYMETRIX, INC. has announced the development of the new 551E Five Band Parametric EQ featuring a new approach to equalization circuitry known as UltraQ. The 551E incorporates five fully-overlapping bands, each allowing for a range of 10Hz to 20kHz with independent controls for adjusting frequency, bandwidth, and boost/cut. Other features include low and high cut filters and both XLR and 1/4-inch connectors. $429 retail. 206/787-3222, fax 206/787-3211.

SADiE announces a new independent SADiE Users Forum on the Internet. Hosted by the University of Oregon, the forum is at majordomo@ To subscribe to the forum send a message to the address above with the following words in the message: subscribe sadie. You'll automatically begin receiving list postings. For more info contact Jeff Boggs at SADiE at 615/327-1140, fax 615/327-1699, or e-mail jeffsadie@


PROMUSIC introduces a new library to their collection. The Screen Two Music Library features both full and commercial length cuts. The first five releases are Vocalease, Powercuts, Imagination, Chorale, and Rap Tracks & Soul Grooves. Also new is Jingle Machine Volume 1 from Point 12. The $99 buy-out CD contains 214 jingles, stings, logos, IDs, and spoken phrases with and without music or sound effects behind them. For more info, check out the new Web site at or call 407/995-0331, fax 407/995-8434.

COMPUTER CONCEPTS CORPORATION, the company that has helped stations record music to hard disk by pre-loading library formats, has hired John Lanham (aka Jay Collins) as Director of Music Services to oversee existing libraries and the expansion of several new libraries including Alternative Rock, Adult Standards, CHR, and others. For more info, contact John at 800/255-6350, fax 913/541-0169.

The MUSIC BAKERY's latest CD features music in the following categories: Success and Motivation, International Ambiance, Pushing the Edge, and Smooth Backgrounds. 800/229-0313,


KIDSTAR INTERACTIVE MEDIA makes its debut on the World Wide Web. Catch real-time broadcasts 24 hours a day using streamed RealAudio technology at 206/382-1250.

CHAPMAN & HALL has a book that might be of interest to DAT users. The DAT Technical Service Handbook by Richard Maddox (Digital Audio Product Specialist at Pacific Research & Engineering) explains all aspects of DAT technical maintenance, including service techniques and troubleshooting strategies "not found in any manufacturer's service literature." Contents include and introduction to the DAT format, alignment procedures, servicing of transport components, signal flow through a DAT and more. Phone 606/525-6600, fax 212/260-1730.

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