ORBAN has acquired the product and development rights to the DDS Digital Delivery System from Radio Systems. "Entering the on-air delivery market became a key goal in Orban's growth," explained Howard Mullinack, VP/Sales and Strategic Planning. For further information, contact Amy Huson at 510/351-3500, fax 510/351-0500.

DORROUGH ELECTRONICS has a new line of loudness meters. The new series 12, 40 and 400 Series meters feature both XLR and computer connectors with alarms that can be programmed to go off when audio levels drop too low or are too high. 818/998-2824, fax 818/998-1507.

The PHILIPS IS-5021 and IS-5022 Sound Enhancers offer a combination of functions including a digital sound processor, sample rate converter, a D/A converter, and a 20-bit A/D converter. Both units feature the same basic DSP functions: scratch suppression (de-clicking), noise reduction, stereo enhancement, simple EQ, and jitter removal. The 5021 is a semipro model with unbalanced analog and S/PDIF digital I/O for $1,500. The 5022 features both balanced and unbalanced analog I/O plus digital S/PDIF and AES/EBU I/O for $2,400. Contact Mackenzie Laboratories for more info at 909/394-9007.

APOGEE ELECTRONICS has a new converter. The FC-8 Digital Format Converter enables transfer of eight tracks of digital audio between DA-88 and ADAT formats. $495. 310/915-1000, fax 310/392-6262.

HHB COMMUNICATIONS adds new products to their line. Their new ADAT45 ADAT tape features 45 minutes of recording time and is approved and recommended by Alesis. The HHB MD74 MiniDisc features 74 minutes of recording time as does the HHB CDR74 recordable CD. 207/773-2424, fax 207/773-2422.

STUDIOMASTER introduces the Trilogy Series mixers. The TR166 is a 12x4x2x1 rack mountable mixer for $1,195. The TR206 is a table top version, 16x4x2x1, for a mere $1,395. The TR140EX ($795) is an expander that adds eight more channels. The mixers feature balanced XLR mic inputs and 1/4-inch line inputs on all channels. Each channel has 3-band EQ, sweepable mids with high and low shelving EQ. You get six sends, four stereo returns (two with EQ), and tons of versatility. 714/524-2227, fax 714/524-5096.

WHEATSTONE has a new digital on-air console. The D-500 is capable of handling analog, digital, or mixed format sources. It features fully digital internal processing and delivers analog and/or digital output. 315/452-5000, fax 315/452-0160.

ROLLS CORPORATION has a new, inexpensive headphone amp. The RA53 ($159) features five headphone outputs with individual gain controls. Insert jacks on the first two channels enable sending separate signals to those channels. You get 300mW per channel into 8 ohms and a frequency response of 20-30kHz. 801/263-9053, fax 801/263-9068.

AKAI DIGITAL announces the delivery of the SuperView SVGA Interface and Version 2.0 OS upgrade for the DR8 and DR16 digital disk recorders. A standard SVGA monitor and computer keyboard plug directly into the SuperView card and provide a detailed waveform display with zoom in/out functions. Use the keyboard to name tracks, takes and clips. All transport functions can be controlled from the keyboard as well as many editing commands. The Version 2.0 upgrade supports the SuperView interface and adds new features including a Sync point for 3-point editing, manual punch in/out, backup to SCSI DAT and Exabyte drives, support for drives larger than 4Gb, faster DISK COPY (2 to 4 times faster), and a new Project Save mode that allows you to save a Project template with user defined settings. You can also order a custom programmed EPROM that substitutes your preferred SETTINGS files for the factory defaults. The SuperView interface is $699. The Version 2.0 upgrade for both the DR8 and DR16 is $39.95. 817/336-5114, fax 817/870-1271, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit

TASCAM has upgraded their DA-60 DAT with the DA-60 Mark II ($6,499). The new 4-head DAT features improved S/N and dynamic range and a chase-lock synchronizer. And take a look at TASCAM's DA-38 for an inexpensive tape-based 8-track that's fully compatible with the DA-88. The DA-38 is priced at $3,499 and features eight analog RCA inputs and outputs, TDIF digital I/O, and balanced analog I/O on a 25-pin connector. Other features include 18-bit A/D converters and 20-bit D/A converters with 8x oversampling, a digital track copy function, a built-in tone oscillator, shuttle wheel and more. 213/726-0303, fax 213/727-7656.


OGM PRODUCTION MUSIC announces the release of three new CDs to their collection of production music. OGM Premium 22 features 15 themes with broadcast edits and rhythm tracks, 90 cuts total, in various styles including rock, new age, Latin and more. OGM Premium 23 contains 99 tracks of production elements. OGM Archives 4 is a collection of solo instruments, 84 tracks total. 213/461-2701, fax 213/461-1543,

NETWORK MUSIC announces the unveiling of their new Web site at Audition demos in real time, search libraries, order demos on-line. 800/854-2075.


Congratulations to RAP columnist Sterling Tarrant and his wife Christina on the recent adoption of a new baby boy. Sullivan Richard Tarrant was born August 3rd in Cleveland, OH. The Tarrant's are enjoying him at home now in Colorado Springs.

The NAB RADIO SHOW is in Los Angeles this month from October 9-12 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The show is being held in conjunction with World Media Expo's Radio/Audio Exposition. There are the usual programming, management and sales sessions with more attention paid to the Internet and stations' Web sites. Merger madness is still a major topic as is making the transition to digital. And there's one production session: Why is Production Such a Big Production, focusing on imaging your station and moderated by Steve Streit of WASH, Washington, DC. For information call 202/775-4970.

Football fans might want to check out One On One Sports Radio Network's NFL Statszone on their Web site at The new area features a searchable database with game to game stats for every NFL player (a plus for fantasy football fans) along with NFL scores and reports. Scores are updated every three minutes during games and audio reports are available after each quarter via RealAudio 2.0. 847/509-1661.

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