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PANASONIC introduces the MDA-1 8-track digital audio tape recorder. The unit adopts the ADAT S-VHS format and benefits from the latest developments in transport technology to incorporate an "intelligent," quick response software-controlled tape transport. Onboard digital editing capabilities include Track Copy, Tape Offset, and Track Delay. Other features include a 10-point autolocate system, Auto Record, Auto Play, Auto Return, and Rehearse functions. You get balanced XLR and RCA I/O. The unit is based on the new Alesis ADAT XT with only a few changes. For example, the XT does not provide I/O on XLR jacks. 714/373-7277.

FOSTEX's answer to the Alesis ADAT XT is the CX-8. Again, the units are almost identical when it comes to the new features. Price on the CX-8 is $3,499. 310/921-1112.

SOUNDSCAPE DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY is a U.K. based company with an impressive digital workstation. The SSHDR1 is a PC-based 8-track system with all numerical computation taking place in a single 2-rack space unit. Using standard IDE drives the Soundscape unit performs all DAW functions and has 64 bands of parametric EQ, noise-gating, and is expandable to 128 tracks. Prices start at $3,250. In the U.S. call 805/495-7375, fax 805/379-2648.

ENSONIQ has started shipping the MR-Rack, a new 64-voice rack-mount synth. The all new design is the first from Ensoniq to use their newly-developed voice architecture and new custom DSP chip. Features include 12 MG of waveform ROM expandable to 84 MB. 610/647-3930, fax 610/647-8908.

KSBL in Santa Barbara, CA and WSBT in South Bend, IN have become the first radio stations in the country to network the Orban DSE-7000 with digital on-air playback systems. The link is made possible by a new system which transfers mono or stereo program material from the DSE into either the Broadcast Electronics AudioVAULT or the ENCO DAD486X networks. The complete networking package supplied by Orban includes a network card, an MPEG compression card, and software modules for either the BE or ENCO systems. For more info contact Amy Huson at Orban, 510/351-3500, fax 510/351-0500.

If you're one of the many who prefer the "warmth" of vacuum tube equipment, check out the new APHEX 661 Tube Expressor. For $750 you get a dual channel compressor/limiter with a full set of controls: ratio, attack, release, threshold, input, output, etc.. Select between hard knee, soft knee, or no knee compression curves. A High Frequency Expander lets you use heavy compression without the usual loss of highs. 818/767-2929, fax 818/767-2641.

AMPEX has some new chrome cassettes. The 472 series cassettes are available in lengths of 10, 20, 30, 45, 60, and 90 minutes and features a dual-coated pure CrO2 tape formulation for improved highs. The shell is upgraded for added strength and heat resistance up to 200 degrees. Also new from Ampex, 63 and 74 minute recordable CDs. The Ampex CDR Series is fully compatible with Orange Book and ISO 9660 standards. Check with your nearest dealer for availability.

SONY has a new DAT. The DTC-A8 features Sony's "Super Bit Mapping" technology for improved recordings. $1,395. Also from Sony, the DPS-V77 Multi-effects Processor. You get the usual, reverbs, delays, modulation, pitch shifting, filters, and dynamic effects. Features include effect "morphing" for seamless switching between effects. There are 198 factory presets and 198 user memory locations. $1,695. Call for info, 201/358-4196.


RAP member Gray Gleason/Int'l Community Radio Taipei, Taiwan announces that ICRT is now available on the Internet live! They are the first station in Asia to do this. Utilizing software from Xing Technology (Streamworks), ICRT now delivers its unique bilingual (English/Chinese) and bicultural programming worldwide. Get the free playback software from Xing Technology's site at, then visit ICRT at For more info call ICRT's fax-on-demand service at 02-873-3236 ext. 102, channel 8. Gray's e-mail address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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