The CHAMELEON MUSIC PRODUCTION LIBRARY unveils three new CDs: Panoramic, Easy Listening, and Production Toolbox Vol. #3 which contains 50 light musical themes plus 50 tracks of electronic "zaps, zings, and flying logos." 413/789-1917.

THE PRODUCTION GARDEN announces the release of five new CD titles: PGCD122/In Your Face Tracks, PGCD222/Real Rock, PGCD224/Urban, Rave, Worldbeat, MML007/Hip Hop, Acid Jazz & Funk, and MML008/Worldbeat & Dance. Each CD available on a buy-out basis. 800/247-5317, fax 210/641-6677.

PROMUSIC adds several new CDs to their collection. Seven new CDs added to the Parry Music collection: Sucesss, Rocking on 4, Green Lands, World Tour 4, Free Time, Jingles 9 and Hometown USA. To the Claire Music collection: Music is the Earth and World Dance. 407/995-0331, fax 407/995-6986.


SADiE INC. announces the Octavia modular digital editor. The system can be expanded in terms of storage, processing power, and I/O channels. The software driving the Octavia is an evolution of the SADiE software called SADiE3. The enhanced software combines new methods of DSP processing with a faster, clearer, more flexible user interface. There are more streams of recording and playback available and nearly six times more DSP power than the original. 615/327-1140, fax 615/327-1699.

New from DIGIDESIGN: Pro Tools Project is an 8-track digital audio workstation that includes Pro Tools software bundled with the Session 8 Mac audio card. $2,495. There's new Pro Tools Software for Session 8 Macintosh. The upgrade enhances the capabilities of Session 8 Mac systems with features such as scrubbing, automation, digital bouncing with EQ, and ADAT interface support. $249. 800/333-2137.

STUDER EDITECH is offering CD Press Software for the Dyaxis II. The software enables Redbook compatible CD recording with editing and signal processing tools. 415/326-7030.

NIGHT TECHNOLOGIES has a new box. The PreEQ3 is a mike/line preamp featuring NTI's AirBand and Vari-Air EQ circuitry. Available in two and four-channel models. 800/375-9289.

DENON introduces the DN-1100R MiniDisc Recorder. The rack mount unit features ten "hot keys" that can be assigned to ten cuts on the disk. 201/882-7460.

Want a serious keyboard for your computer/workstation, etc.? INDUSTRIAL COMPUTER SOURCE announces the 6531-KB5 Series rack-mountable keyboards. Features include sealed keypads to withstand liquid spills, adjustable drawers, and built-in key-locks. $795 or $1,145 for the keyboard with a built-in pointing device. Yikes! 800/523-2320.

TECHNICS introduces two new "mega CD changers." The SL-MC700 and SL-MC400 are consumer models with a ton of features. Both changers hold up to 110 discs and are priced at $499 and $399 respectively. Program and store custom selections for various occasions. The more expensive model adds even more features including a jack on the rear panel for a PC keyboard for the user to assign names to CDs. The titles will appear on the display when the CD is selected. Contact your nearest Technics dealer for more info.


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