We begin Side A with a demo from Willie B!, this month's interview subject. It's seven minutes of first class production which, by the way, was the first demo for The Cassette delivered to Radio And Production on compact disc! We didn't get a photo of Willie in time for press, but we did get one. Thought you'd like to know he was surrounded by four beautiful young women! Okay, maybe we'll put the photo up on the Web site.... Cut 2 is audio for this month's Producer's VU column, an excellent promo from Lonnie Perkins. The rest of Side A is filled with promos from around the globe. Cut 5 features some custom music Paul Goguen knocked out on his Ensoniq TS-12. If you're doing custom music for spots/promos, we'd love to hear it. Send it in for next month's Cassette!

Side B opens with three nicely done Christmas PSAs from John Crowe and Focus on the Family. These are three of a series of twelve PSAs that are being offered to stations free of charge, while supplies last. If you'd like to put the series on your station, contact Briargate Media at 719/531-3300. The rest of Side B delivers a nice selection of commercials, followed by a couple of funny spoof spots followed by a couple of great sweeper montages.

Side A

Cut 1 - Demo from Willie B!/WEGQ/WBMX, Boston, Massachusetts
Cut 2 - "Traffic Trailer"/Producer's VU audio - Lonnie Perkins/WIBC, Indianapolis, Indiana
Cut 3 - "Songs That Suck Weekend" - Andrew Frame(wpv), Valleri St. John(v)/WJBX-FM, Ft. Myers, Florida
Cut 4 - "All Time Top 500" - J.Angel(w), D.Post(p), D.Bradshaw(v)/B105, Brisbane, Australia
Cut 5 - "Q-Jet" - Paul Goguen(pm), Craig Rockford(v)/Q97.5, London, Ontario, Canada
Cut 6 - "Who-ville" - Rusty Pickett/KKRH-FM, Portland, Oregon
Cut 7 - "Freak N Fright Fest" - Jeff Schmidt(pvw)/WRGX-FM, Hawthorn, New York
Cut 8 - "New Country" - R.Massie(w), D.Hopkins(v), P.White(p)/WIL-FM, St. Louis, Missouri
Cut 9 - "After Bob & Tom" - Johnny George/WNAP-FM, Indianapolis, Indiana
Cut 10 - "2nd Chance Lotto" - Holly Buchanan/WMXB-FM, Richmond, Virginia
Cut 11 - "Red Sox Tickets" - Jeff Berlin(wp), Mark Driscoll(v)/WXKS-FM, Boston, Massachusetts

Side B

Cut 1 - "Christmas PSA/Wisemen" - M.Younger(w), J.Crowe(p)/Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Cut 2 - "Christmas PSA/New Shoes" - M.Younger(w), J.Crowe(p)/Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Cut 3 - "Christmas PSA/College Son" - M.Younger(w), J.Crowe(p)/Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Cut 4 - "Big Chief Dakota Grill" - Pat White(wpv), Bo Matthews(v)/WIL-FM, St. Louis, Missouri
Cut 5 - "Egolf Motors" - K.Hayes(w), J.Anderson(pv), S.Lewis(v)/WKSF-FM, Asheville, North Carolina
Cut 6 - "Swanstone" - Tom Woerner(wpv)/WFOX-FM, Atlanta, Georgia
Cut 7 - "Sluggers Halloween" - Andrew Frame(wpv)/WJBX-FM, Ft. Myers, Florida
Cut 8 - "Spec's Howard School" - Dick Orkin/Dick Orkin's Radio Ranch, Los Angeles, California
Cut 9 - "Tent City" - Kurt Schenk(wpv)/WMAX-FM, Rochester, New York
Cut 10 - "Nordstrom/Big Dog" - Young(w), Capp/Daniels(v), Davidson(p)/Kidstar Radio, Seattle, Washington
Cut 11 - "It's a Miserable Life" spoof - Rich Boerner/WTKS-FM, Orlando, Florida
Cut 12 - "Satan's Choice Funeral Home" - D.Youngs(pv), R.Smith(wv), C.Jackman(v)/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ontario
Cut 13 - "B105 Hot 30" sweepers - Daryl Missen/B105-FM, Bowen Hills, Australia
Cut 14 - "100.7 Breakfast Show" sweepers - Ian Fish/Heart 100.7, Birmingham, England