We begin Side A with a demo of five spots plus a spoof spot fromthis month's interview subjects, Bill Flowers and Steve Schneider of Urbanwild Productions. The last cut on the demo features a technique Bill talks about in the interview, mixing library sound effects with your own. The rest of Side A features some great spots and wraps with a "Father of the Year" presentation from Ron Maxwell/WSOR, yet another nice piece of work from Ron and company that's guaranteed to jerk those tears.

Side B opens with audio for this month's Producer's VU column. Cut two is audio for the Tips & Techniques article, "Being Big By Being Small" by Garner Andrews. Read then listen, or listen then read! More great promos on cuts 3 through 9. Cut 10 is a jingle from Bel Air Productions in Paris for a station in Greece. Cut 11, from Mix 106.5 in Sydney, Australia, is a parody of the Newbeats song, "Bread and Butter." Inspiration for the parody came from a recent peanut butter/salmonella scare in which most brands of peanut butter were pulled from the shelves across Australia. Cut 12 comes from WMFS-FM, Memphis after the local police raided all six of the topless clubs in town, shutting them down and issuing subpoenas to all the dancers AND all the customers, too. Ouch! Side B wraps with some Olympic fun from CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ontario.

Side A

Cut 1 - Demo from Bill Flowers/Steve Schneider/Urbanwild Productions, N. Bridgton, Maine
Cut 2 - "Page Michigan" - J.Pellegrini(pv), S.Pellegrini/K.Stickney(v)/WKLQ-FM, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Cut 3 - "BC Food" - B.Shiminsky(pwv), G.Chomyn(w), G.Eno(wv)/CJJR-FM, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Cut 4 - "Boardriders Surf Palace" - A.Frame(pv), M.Sharkey/M.Buczynski(v)/WJBX-FM, Ft. Myers, Florida
Cut 5 - "Happy Fisherman" - J.Eichhorst(wp), Duke/Markovitz/Marcola/Phillips(v)/KBMX-FM, Osage Beach, MO
Cut 6 - "Barilla Pasta" - Matt Rawlings(wpv)/WFMS-FM, Indianapolis, Indiana
Cut 7 - "Father of the Year Presentation" - Ron Maxwell(wpv)/WSOR-FM, Ft. Myers, Florida

Side B

Cut 1 - "The Know It Alls" Producer's VU audio - Greg Williams/WMC-FM, Memphis, Tennessee
Cut 2 - "Being Big..." Tips & Techniques audio - G.Andrews(w), R.McIntyre(pv)/100.3 The Q, Victoria, BC, Canada
Cut 3 - "WEZL While You Work" - Reid Thrush(wpv)/WEZL-FM, Charleston, South Carolina
Cut 4 - "Battle of the Hits Weekend" - M.Tschirhart(p), R.Geronimo(w), S.Caldwell(v)/WWST-FM, Knoxville, TN
Cut 5 - "KTU Top 300" - Bill Schultz(wp), Randy Reeves(v)/WKTU-FM, New York, New York
Cut 6 - "Summerfest Rockstage" - Paul Bahr(wp), Sandy Thomas(v)/WLZR-FM, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Cut 7 - "Cheesy Postcards" - D.Campbell(pv), S.Smith(p), J.Prigge(v)/WHO/KLYF, Des Moines, Iowa
Cut 8 - "Planet Z" - Hal Knapp(wp), Keith Eubanks(v)/Z100, New York, New York
Cut 9 - "Black Crowes" - Jackman(p), Timson(w), Michaels/Rogers(v)/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Cut 10 - "Radio 1 Greece" - Laurent Eveno/Bel Air Productions, Paris, France
Cut 11 - "Peanut Butter" - Vic Davies(vw), Gregg Sinclair(p)/MIX 106.5, Sydney, Australia
Cut 12 - "No One Topless In Memphis" - Z.Tyler(wp), G.Murray(p), C.Houston(v)/WMFS-FM, Memphis, Tennessee
Cut 13 - "Olympics/Finish Last" - J.Rogers(v), D.Youngs(p), R.Timson(w)/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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