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MARANTZ has a couple of new cassette decks. The PMD501 and PMD502 are 2-head units with dual-motor transports. The 502 adds a 15% vari-speed control, Dolby C, XLR I/O, and mike inputs. Prices are $329 for the 501 and $499 for the 502. Also new from Marantz is the CDR620 CD Recorder. Features include 1-bit A/D and D/A converters, a sample rate converter, automatic track incrementing and more. 708/820-4800.

Would you believe surround sound headphones? Check out the AKG K290 surround headphones. They handle four channels of a surround system using four transducers, two in the front and two towards the rear. Center channel information is fed to both front transducers. 510/351-3500.

SPECTRAL announces the release of the Prisma 2.0 software upgrade. You get improved mixer automation, new DSP features, and more. Free to users. 206/487-2931.

AKAI has three new samplers. The S3000XL and the S3200XL are actually upgrades of the S3000 and S3200 which include, among other additions, new features available on the new S2000. The S2000 comes in at a reasonable $1,195. It's shipped with 2 MB of RAM but is expandable to 32 MB. You get a 2-line, 16-character LCD display, balanced outputs, a SCSI port, and the same processing power found in the S3000. 817/336-5114.

MACKIE has upgraded their popular 1202 mixer. The new MS1202VLZ adds midrange EQ, lo-cut filters, mutes, solo, 60dB of gain on channels 1-4, and more. 800/898-3211.

SADiE has a new Pentium-based portable version of their digital workstation. Features include up to 13 hours of recording time from three drive bays and built-in speakers in a "lunchbox" type of enclosure. 615/327-1140, fax 615/327-1699.

Protect your mikes and get rid of those pops. For $37 the Gob Stop from MIDDLE ATLANTIC PRODUCTS is a nylon wind-screen complete with gooseneck and mounting hardware. 201/839-1011.

TASCAM's new M2600 MKII console is an upgrade of the M2600. It's available in 16, 24 or 32 channel configurations and adds an optional meter bridge, switchable +4dBm/-10dBV tape input levels and direct out levels, improved S/N and more. 213/726-0303.

ORBAN announces the Optimod-FM 2200, a new low-cost digital audio processor for transmitter audio chains. Targeted to the smaller market stations with limited budgets, the unit features 8 programmable presets, 2-band processing with HF enhancement, optional AES/EBU I/O and more. 510/351-3500.

New from KORG is the 168RC Recording Console, a fully digital 16x8x2 console equipped with two ADAT optical inputs, eight analog inputs featuring 18-bit A/D converters, two internal effects processors and full console automation. Also new are four keyboards in the new Trinity Music Workstation DRS Series. All units are equipped with an 80,000 note, 16-track sequencer. An optional hard disk recording board enables the keyboards to record directly to an external hard drive at 48kHz and provides an S/PDIF I/O, 4-track playback, automated levels and panning, and more. Each keyboard also features 24 MB of PCM ROM with 375 new Multisounds and 258 new drum samples, and the TouchView Graphical User Interface, a hi-res 320x240 dot LCD touch-screen. 516/333-9100.

SYMETRIX introduces the 421m AGC-leveler, an audio gain controller with microphone preamp that makes quiet sounds louder and loud sounds quieter, resulting in a constant output level regardless of the input level. A switch sets the "target output level" and the 421m boosts signals that drop below it and pulls back those that rise above the target, while at the same time distinguishing between noise and signal. $569. 206/787-3222.


CHAMELEON MUSIC announces the release of four new CDs this month. Motivational, Rock, Harps & Strings, and Piano Bar are available for $45 each or $459 for all 19 CDs in the library. RAP Members get a discount! 413/789-1917.

NETWORK MUSIC introduces Presentation Audio, a series of CD-ROMS designed for use with presentation authoring systems such as PowerPoint. Each CD-ROM contains 30 music beds, 100 sound effects, and 100 production elements, plus Trakfinder, Network's utility that allows you to select, audition, edit and export the sound files in your choice of formats. Five volumes currently available at $49.95 each. 619/451-6400, fax 619/451-6409.

AIRCRAFT adds CD number 80, Natural Born Rockers, to their library, . 800/343-2514.


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