TASCAM offers a new portable DAT recorder. The DA-P1 features two heads, XLR mic/line inputs with phantom power, S/PDIF digital I/O, and more. Also from Tascam, the DA-30 MKII DAT deck. This is a successor to the DA-30 and adds a data/shuttle wheel, long recording mode, "next generation" AD/DA conversion, and more. $1,499. (213) 726-0303.

VIRTEX and INFINITY BROADCASTING have formed a new programming and information superhighway distribution service for the radio industry. The venture is called Musicam Express and will use CCS Musicam digital audio to provide radio networks, programmers, record companies, and advertising agencies the means to deliver CD-quality audio and information to more than 3,500 U.S. radio stations by this fall. (908) 739-5600.

CORPORATE COMPUTER SYSTEMS (CCS) announces the upcoming availability of FieldFone, a codec that can be used on regular phone lines to deliver "broadcast quality" audio over a single regular phone line. The unit uses the Musicam HQ digital audio compression algorithm. Watch out ISDN??? (908) 739-5600.

TDK announces a new 180 minute DAT. Contact your dealer for availability.

SONIC SOLUTIONS introduces the UltraSonic Processor which enables playback of up to 32 tracks and up to 16 channels of digital I/O. New entry level systems have also been introduced. Sonic Radio Station is a 2-channel I/O system featuring "TimeTwist." Sonic Power Station is a 2-channel digital I/O system with playback of up to 8 tracks. The Power Station Plus provides four channels of digital I/O and up to 12 channels of playback. (415) 485-4800.

LEXICON has a new reverb box. The Reflex is a stereo reverb unit featuring MIDI control, eight algorithms, 128 user memory locations and 112 factory programs. (617) 736-0300.

RAMSA has some new reference monitors. The WS-A35s are 2-way systems priced at $350. (714) 373-7277, fax (714) 373-7903.

DIGITAL AUDIO LABS unveils the V8, an 8-track digital audio workstation for the PC. The system utilizes two Motorola DSP chips and is expandable with a base price at $1,495. (612) 473-7915.

TURTLE BEACH SYSTEMS announces the availability of SampleVision for Windows. The program combines waveform editing features of Wave For Windows and SampleVision for DOS and adds reverb, delay, flange, parametric EQ, and more. (717) 767-0200, fax (717) 767-6033.

STUDIOMASTER introduces three new mixers. The Vision 8, 12, and 16 provide 8, 12, and 16 channels for $2,195, $2,695, and $3,195 respectively. Each mixer features a combination of mono and stereo inputs with 3-band EQ, two effect sends, and an on-board 16-bit effects processor with 82 reverbs and delays. Effects settings can be saved to one of fifteen user memory locations. (714) 524-2227.

FOSTEX presents the Foundation 2000RE, yet another scaled down version of the Foundation 2000 digital audio workstation. The 2000RE lists for $8,995 and features eight analog ins and outs and an ADAT optical digital interface. The 2000RE includes the edit controller with dedicated controls, touch screen, jog/shuttle wheel, and the rack-mountable main unit. (310) 921-1112, fax (310) 802-1964.

AKG ACOUSTICS has a new mic. The C680BL condenser mic is designed for sound reinforcement or speech recording. It fits in the palm of your hand and sits inconspicuously on a table. Frequency response is 60Hz to 20kHz. (510) 351-3500.

BEYERDYNAMIC introduces a mic similar to AKG's. The MPC65 is also a boundary layer mic designed for tabletop use when recording music or voice. Prices start at $229. (516) 293-3200, fax (516) 293-3288.

Are you willing to pay anything to get rid of hiss? Check out the DH-1 from CEDAR AUDIO. The unit removes broadband noise without using signal destructive filters or encoding/decoding. For $19,500, it probably works. Made in the U.K. and distributed by Independent Audio in Portland, ME. (207) 773-2424, fax (207) 773-2422.

ELECTRO-VOICE introduces the RE2000 condenser microphone. Features include a 10dB pad, clip-on pop screen, and an internal heating element to eliminate condensation and humidity. (616) 695-6831, fax (616) 695-1304.


Congrats to Johnny George who has been promoted to Assistant Program Director at 93.1 The New WNAP in Indianapolis. Dan Osborne, former commercial producer, has been named Production/Imaging Director. Both George and Osborne can always be found discussing the intricacies of creative programming every Friday at noon at Skyline Chili!

Get the basics of compression in the new book, Compression in Video & Audio by John Watkinson. Contents include intro to compression, fundamentals, processing for compression, audio compression, and video compression. Contact Focal Press at (617) 928-2500, fax (617) 928-2620.

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