FIRSTCOM BROADCAST SERVICES releases six new CD titles into the Sound Designer II Production & Scoring Library. New to the existing 36-disc collection are Promo/Commercials Volume 5, Promo/Commercials Volume 6, Rock Volume 4, Underscores Volume 15, and Underscores Volume 16 bringing the total discs in the library to 42 with 18 more updates scheduled for semi-annual release. For more information, contact Andrea Bergeron at (800) 858-8880.

SEAN CALDWELL PRODUCTIONS announces the release of X-FX. This single CD library features a collection of "next generation production effects" including "digital noises, statics, beeps, tuning effects" and more. The library was produced by Hal Knapp and Sean Caldwell and is available on a market exclusive basis. For more info contact Sean Caldwell at (610) 640-5899 or check out the demo line at (201) 939-0854.

PROMUSIC INC. introduces three new libraries to its present collection. The Ded Good Music Library consists of four British CDs for "news, entertainment, hi-tech, industry, action and sports." Logical Choice is from Australia and offers two CDs of "uptempo, sport, action, and indigenous music of the Asian Pacific region." Justement is an 11 CD package produced in Paris, with a "mainly acoustic sound...for sports, news, travelogue, science, nature, action, and drama." PROMUSIC also has several new sound effects libraries. Mega Disc has 380 sounds. FX Collection is 5 CDs with "thousands of sounds." MultiMedia Sound Effects is on CD-ROM and contains more than 120 megabytes of SFX. Sound Ideas Series 7000 - Ambience II has also been added to the PROMUSIC collection and contains 15 CDs. Call Shana Bukovey for more info at (800) 322-7879.


SYMETRIX unveiled prototype software for Macintosh control of their 601/602 digital signal processors. The software was developed to accommodate workstation users who need to expand their signal processing capabilities. It operates via MIDI and offers complete access to the 601/602's processing parameters, keeping everything in the digital domain. Call (206) 787-3222 for more info.

dbx introduces the dbx 286 Microphone Processor. For a mere $349 you get a preamp, compressor, de-esser, "spectral enhancer," and an expander/gate. Balanced XLR mic ins and outs, and balanced or unbalanced 1/4-inch TRS ins, unbalanced 1/4-inch outs. (801) 568-7660. • HARRIS ALLIED has added the EQ3 from Night Technologies International to their product line. See June '94 RAP Test Drive for more info or contact Harris Allied at (800) 622-0022.

The ALESIS MidiVerb 4 is a new upgrade of the classic effects box. The "true stereo" box features 128 factory programs and 128 user programs including the usual array of reverbs, delays, chorus, flange, pitch shifting and more. (310) 558-4530.

ACOUSTICAL SOLUTIONS introduces AlphaSorb Panels, new acoustic soundproofing panels in standard and custom sizes. (800) 782-5742.

AUDIO-TECHNICA has three new headphones. Omniphones P1, P2, and P3 range in price from $19.95 to $29.95 and feature a better acoustic seal for improved bass response. (216) 686-2600.

YAMAHA has a couple of digital equalizers. The YDG2030 is a 2-channel, 30-band graphic EQ. The YDP2006 is a parametric EQ with stereo and mono operating modes providing 2-channel, 6-band parametric EQ or single channel, 12-band parametric EQ. (714) 522-9011.

FOSTEX introduces the Foundation 2000LS, a scaled down version of the Foundation 2000. Getting the price down to around $15,000, the 2000LS still features most of the larger unit's power but shaves the price by making digital mixing, digital signal processing, and other items options. (310) 921-1112.

The Soundscape SSHDR1 Multi-track Hard Disk Recorder, built in the UK, is now available in the United States from Soundscape Digital Technology in Westlake Village, CA. The Windows-based system features 8 to 128 tracks with analog and digital I/O, real-time parametric EQ, nondestructive editing, and more. (805) 495-7375.

CORRECTION: In last month's Equipment News section we printed an incorrect phone number for Denon. For information on their DN-650F CD player or any other product, call (201) 882-7460.


FirstCom Founder and Chairman Jim Long has left the company to start a new entertainment-oriented company. Prior to founding FirstCom in 1980, Jim Long cofounded and was President and CEO of the TM Companies (TM Century) and has been involved in the ownership and operation of many different radio and television stations. Our congratulations to Jim on an outstanding career to date and best wishes for continued success in his new ventures! Congrats also to Cecelia Garr who has served as FirstCom's President and CEO for the last ten years. She has renewed her contract and will continue to operate FirstCom as part of the Zomba Group of Companies, the world's largest independent music operation.

Congrats to Paul Bahr on his new position as Production Director at WWCT-FM, Peoria, IL. Paul exits WDEK/WLBK, DeKalb, IL.

The search for the new WEBN Production Director is over...and the winner is...Brian Cooney who exits WMMS/WMJI in Cleveland for the position with the prestigious Cincinnati station.

94.7 KTWV The Wave recently completed work on a package of digitally recorded musical logo IDs using many popular artists as soloists. The 93-cut package features Stanley Clarke, Everette Harp, Peter White and others, and was produced with the help of KTWV's Production Director, Michael Sheehy, a veteran jingle producer best known for his work with HLC/Killer Music.

Country radio personality Ichabod Caine is hosting a new syndicated radio program called Honky Tonk Sundays. Caine is the morning man at KRPM in Seattle. The program is produced in digital stereo and delivered on CD. It is produced by GMI Media Group. Contact Leslie Erak at GMI for more info, (206) 839-9414.

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