BROADCAST RESULTS GROUP (BRG) is making a big splash with their new library services. If you have a DGS (Digital Generation Systems) box in your studio, you may have already spotted some files from BRG. They are part of BRG's Digital Delivery production service -- format exclusive production beds and effects, delivered digitally with weekly updates. BRG also offers the Canary Production Library, 1,500 cuts on 35 CDs in a wide variety of styles. There's more! The Positioners is a 15 CD package of fully produced generic jingles or Musical Campaigns. You also get Comedy Campaigns and a yearly Ad Tools CD. Need some fresh jingles or station IDs? Yes, BRG can help you there, too. But here's the real hook: All of these products and services are available in exchange for air time on your station...NO CASH! See the ad on page 17 and call 1-800-280-1994 for more info.

RIVER CITY SOUND PRODUCTIONS announces the release of two new CDs. Volume 4 of the Broadcast Series features themes in a variety of categories and lengths. New to their Specialty Series collection is Volume 5: Mellow Moods. This CD features 11 full length themes with broadcast edits. Call for info, (800) 755-8729.


The hot news in the world of production toys comes from ORBAN. The company recently dropped the price of the popular DSE-7000. Like the previous price reduction a couple of years ago, this one is a major one, reducing a complete basic system by more than five thousand dollars and breaking the $20,000 mark. For $19,950 you get the DSE with 64 meg of RAM and a 1 gigabyte hard drive. 64 meg RAM cards are $5,950. The new digital I/O card is $1,950, and internal DAT backup is $2,750. For more info call (510) 351-3500.

ENCO SYSTEMS announces the availability of Revision 5.0 software for their DAD486x system. New features include four virtual "recording machines," added features to the Cut & Paste Assembly Editor, increased networking capabilities and more. (810) 456-5711.

Interested in a power surge protector that comes with a $2,500 connected equipment warranty for damage due to electrical surges or lightning? How about a lifetime replacement warranty? EFI ELECTRONICS has your surge suppressors and announces an across the board price reduction on the PowerTrax line. New prices start at $29.95 for "economical protection" and $79.95 for "insured production." Call for info, (800) 877-1174.

ENSONIQ introduces the KT-76 Synthesizer. If you've been waiting for a synth with enough voices to handle major productions, the KT-76's 64 voice polyphony should interest you. You get a 76-key weighted action keyboard, 308 onboard sounds, 13 effects algorithms, a 16-track MIDI sequencer, PCMCIA card expandability, and lots more. Ensoniq also announces the release of Version 2.5 Operating System for the ASR-10 Advanced Sampling Recorder. The upgrade features DAT backup/restore capabilities and is free for ASR-10 owners. Call (800) 553-5151.

AKAI has released Version 1.6 for the CD3000 sampler as well as the KIT-CD3000, a modification kit that adds stereo analog sampling inputs to the CD3000. The software supports the SB3001P Piano Sound Board option and adds portamento. Owners of S-Series samplers can now get Version 1.5 operating system software and can look forward to Version 2.0 which will allow the S2800/3000/3200 to read Roland and E-mu sound disks. Call (817) 336-5114 for info. •


RAP member Reid Thrush, prodo whiz at WEZL-FM in Charleston, SC scored big last month at the South Carolina Broadcasters Association Awards taking home the Most Outstanding Locally Produced Radio Announcement for his Weazel Weenie Wednesday promo! Congrats!

You may recall some discussion in previous issues about how to deal with analog reel masters that have deteriorated over the years. The solution is here. INNOVATIVE DEVELOPMENT TECHNOLOGY is in the business of restoring old magnetic tape masters using new technology developed by AGFA. The company's client base includes recording studios, data processors, record companies, and religious organizations. If you have a reel you simply MUST restore, give these guys a call at (407) 844-2111...and tell 'em RAP sent ya!

Please welcome Zeus "The Voice" to our Sweeper/ID Services listing. For a demo call (803) 397-1939!

Before you trash those old carts, cassettes, reels, CDs and floppy discs, contact ECOMedia at (800) 359-4601. Your tax deductible donations help ECOMedia provide services and support to people with severe disabilities.

Looking for some basic copywriting tips? Check out Guidelines For Radio: Copywriting 2nd Edition. Written by Reen Bunzel and revised and edited by Ty Ford, the helpful aid offers six chapters: Defining The Creative Myth, Developing An Approach, Writing The Commercial, Sound And Production, 21 Steps To Better Copywriting, and Copywriting Samples. Three appendixes provide a sample copywriting form, information on the elements of a lottery, and a list of music and sound effects suppliers. Contact B.J. Cohen at the NAB for more info, (202) 775-3510.

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