MANHATTAN PRODUCTION MUSIC launches a new library which will include such styles as "hip-hop, new age jazz, and hot country." Apple Trax kicks off with two releases. AT1 Guitar Music features three different acoustic guitars alternating between solos and melodies. AT2 Keep It Up features a blend of "techno pop/hip-hop and pop themes." Alternate rhythm tracks included. Both releases are free to MPM blanket license subscribers. For more information, call (212) 333-5766.

HOLLYWOOD EDGE announces their newest library. Background Trax is a 5 CD set of ambiences and backgrounds. Titles are Nature, Transportation, Water, Urban/Suburban, and Interiors which includes computer rooms, factories, restaurants, schools, malls, and supermarkets. Call for more information, (213) 466-6723.


Wow! Did you see the ad on page 19 for the ADX Ensemble from PACIFIC RECORDERS & ENGINEERING? Now, the power of their popular ADX WorkStation is available in a stand-alone system for those who want the ADX, but can't afford a beautiful PR&E console to go with it! Watch for a Test Drive soon and call (619) 438-3911 for more information!

RSP TECHNOLOGIES introduces the Reanimator. This dual channel compressor features dynamic spectral enhancement which replaces highs that get cut when using a lot of compression. It comes with balanced XLR and 1/4-inch inputs and outputs and sells for $599. Call for more info, (810) 853-3055.

DENON ELECTRONICS unveils the DN-995R MD Cart Machine. Offered as a step up from the DN-990R MD Cart [RAP Test Drive, August 1994], the DN-995R includes external synchronization capabilities and a built-in clock that automatically stamps the date and time on newly recorded tracks. The new units are shipped with the new MD Remote software for Windows, developed to organize the features found in all three Denon MD Cart players. MD Remote can control all the functions of the machines. Call for more info, (201) 575-7810.

ELECTRO-VOICE/DYNACORD has a new effects box. The DRP-10 is a stereo effects generator featuring a number of reverbs, delays, modulation effects, and pitch shifting. Up to six effects at once. There are 240 factory presets and 259 user locations. You get 24-bit processing and 16-bit converters. It sells for $1,250. Call for more info, (616) 695-6831. •


RAP member Monica Ballard/WMYI-FM/WSSL-AM/FM in Greenville, SC needs help hunting down some software. She's looking for IBM-compatible software for "Creative Directors in a duopoly situation!" Fax suggestions to her at (803) 271-3830 or call (803) 235-1025.

What's the scoop on Dennis Daniel? Where has he been? He has joined an ad agency, Topline Design Ltd. as Creative/Broadcast Director! In addition to his duties as Creative/Broadcast Director, Dennis will also head Topline's new production studio, 1 On One Productions, a full service audio production facility which produces jingles and commercials for radio stations across the country. Our congrats to Dennis on his new position with one of Long Island's largest ad agencies. Reach him at (516) 588-5900, fax (516) 588-1039.

Congrats to Dave Burns on his new position with HARRIS ALLIED! Dave was previously employed by the company from 1978 to 1991, then became an independent broadcast product and marketing consultant. He rejoins the company as Radio Studio Product Manager!

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