LettersPicture the scene in your mind. February 1994, I send in our RAP Awards entries. We argue among ourselves as to which define our best work. As a Creative Department we feel positive about our chances. March 1994, the finalists are published. As a finalist medium market promo we feel proud of our accomplishment. The competition is formidable, Joel Moss (as usual) has done a truly outstanding job. We feel hopeful to be a runner-up. April 1994, the winners and runners-up are announced and...



After four years, at least I can say I know exactly how the Buffalo Bills feel. Just wait until next year! (Did I say that again?)

Now that I've finished venting, I thought that I'd put in my two cents worth on Colin Day's idea of a "Master Class" on The Cassette [The Mix - April 1994 RAP]. Half the fun of listening to other peoples' work is trying to figure out how the heck they did it. Having someone explain every teeny detail defeats the purpose (for me). Besides, it would take up lots of room on The Cassette that would be better served by giving exposure to more nifty production. If I REALLY want to know how somebody got some REALLY neat sound, I'll phone/fax them myself. Isn't that what the RAP Network is for?

Andy Capp is really coming into his own with his column. His last couple have saved a bad day from going down the tubes. Michael Lee's opinion [RAP Forum, April 1994] is one that I value more than almost anyone else's (and not just because he's trying to sell me a couple of packages). As usual, he is right on the bull's-eye with his comments.

As for our Cassette submission, I've sent...a winners promos for a Pink Floyd concert ticket giveaway we did. We get all kinds of comments from listeners complaining that they can never get through to play radio contests. To combat this, we gave away 106 tickets to see Pink Floyd at Olympic Stadium in Montreal in one hour. We teased for about three weeks that we were going to give away the tickets on a Friday, and on our 17th birthday at 6 p.m., away we went. We had so many calls coming in that we overloaded the phone system for the whole city, and it shut itself down. People were calling 911 to find out what was wrong with their phones! Needless to say, we got lots of media coverage, which is quoted in the promo.

Craig Jackman, Production Director
CHEZ-106 FM, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Dear Craig,

With the Cowboy's Jimmy Johnson gone, the Buffalo Bills might have a shot at the Superbowl next year. And you'll be glad to know that Cincinnati has been upgraded to the 25th market, moving Joel Moss into the large market category for the next RAP Awards. (That's probably bad news for a lot of other people!)

Thanks for the Pink Floyd promo and the nice promotion tip on how to get a little more media coverage than normal. We've put the promo on this month's Cassette!

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