RIVER CITY SOUND PRODUCTIONS announces the release of Country, volume 3 of their Specialty Series of buy-out production music CDs. Country features twelve different themes in full length versions and sixty and thirty second broadcast versions. For more information, contact Bob Pierce at (800) 755-8729.

THE HOLLYWOOD EDGE announces the availability of L.A. Riot 1 - DJ Assault and L.A. Riot 2 - Hip Hop & Rap Attack. Hollywood Edge searched out seven club DJs from the Los Angeles area and recorded their "custom breakbeats" and scratches and put them on two CDs. L.A. Riot 1 has one thousand cuts on it. Understand that none of them are "full length" broadcast cuts, but instead are only long enough to sample AND LOOP. In fact, if you don't have a sampler or some way to record, loop and trigger samples, the CDs are practically useless. But if you do, look out! You have the material to not only create some slammin' beds for spots, promos, etc., but you might even jam out a new hit tune! For more information on these new sampling CDs, contact Scott Whitney at (213) 466-6723.


In a strategic exchange between sister companies, the DSE-7000 is the newest product in the ORBAN line. Orban has assumed support, development, manufacturing and distribution of the DSE-7000. The technology transfer between AKG and sister company, Orban, teams the system's original developers with Orban engineering resources, returns manufacturing to the United States from Austria, and opens new channels of worldwide distribution. Orban's first major development for the DSE-7000 is due early this year and is a new digital input/output module which will provide universal sample rate conversion for AES/EBU and SPDIF digital formats and digital effects sends plus enable synchronization to video and word clock signals. For more information on the Orban DSE-7000, contact Amy Herndon at AKG Acoustics, (510) 297-2727.

BROADCAST SUPPLY WORLDWIDE (BSW) adds Korg's SoundLink digital workstation to their line of products. (206)565-2301.

ENSONIQ now has a system upgrade, O.S. Version 2, for the ASR-10 Advanced Sampling Recorder that adds digital audio recording to hard disk or RAM memory allowing users to add up to two tracks of live audio performance to MIDI sequenced tracks. There's also a new upgrade chip for the TS-10 Performance/Composition Synthesizer, and the company recently introduced the new TS-12 Performance/Composition Synthesizer. The TS-12 integrates all the features of the TS-10 with the 76-key keyboard of the KS-32 Weighted Action MIDI Studio and premiers three new Ensoniq features: SoundFinder, AutoLoad, and TempoTrack. For more info contact Ensoniq at (215) 647-3930.


Congrats to Production Director Craig Klein and WAVA-FM on their recent showing at the Washington area Achievement In Radio Awards. The station received an award for Best Radio Advertising Campaign and was the only station in the category -- all other finalists were ad agencies. WAVA also was among the finalists in the Best Commercial Spot by a Radio Station category and the Best Public Service Announcement category!

RAP member Colin Day/Colin Day Creative in the United Kingdom is writing a book about '60s soul music. He's desperate to make contact with anyone who worked at soul/R&B stations in the '60s, especially from Detroit or Chicago. His phone number is 010-44-562-884488 or fax him at 010-44-562-884438. Colin says if you call him, he'll call you right back and pick up the phone tab.

RAP welcomes Dan O'Day's PD GRAD SCHOOL to Dallas February 5 and 6. For more information call (310) 476-8111 or fax (310) 471-7762.

Congrats to Robin Luse, the new Production Assistant at WKQX-FM, Chicago!