RADIO POTATO of Grapevine, TX announces a revolutionary new production music service called Custom Trax. According to Head Potato Marshall Such, Custom Trax allows you to create a production library, on CD, with exactly and only the cuts you want. The Spud, which is in their catalog now is a "best of" compilation CD from about 5 or 6 other discs. Marshall describes the new type of library service as a "No waste, '90s environmental kind of thing." The cost of a Custom Trax buy-out CD will be as low as $5 per track, after an initial set-up fee. RAP members can check out the demo and catalog in this month's issue. The rest of you will have to call Marshall for more info, (817) 481-4453.

MANHATTAN PRODUCTION MUSIC has added two more CDs to its library. MPM 47 Corporate Culture and MPM 48 Under Siege each feature 11 themes and 55 cuts of industrial flavored orchestrations. MPM has also added three new CDs from its Chesky Records Classical Series - CD106 Handel's Messiah, CD96 The German Album, and CD102 Light Classics. Contact Ron Goldberg at (212) 333-5766.

HOLLYWOOD EDGE announces the first two CDs of their Signature Series sound effects CDs. The 2-volume set produced by film sound designer Peter M. Sullivan features a variety of sounds from "tropical rain" to a "middle eastern call to prayer." Contact Scott Whitney at (213) 466-6723.

THE MUSIC BAKERY announces the release of its 15th CD. The low-cost, buy-out CDs contain a variety of styles in full lengths and broadcast edit lengths. Contact Jack Waldenmaier at (214) 414-0313.


AKG ACOUSTICS introduces a new mike! The C3000 offers AKG's large diaphragm, multi-pattern studio quality sound at about half the price of their popular AKG C414. Features include an internal windscreen, internal shock mount, switchable -10 dB pre-attenuation pad, bass roll-off switch and more. $695. Contact Joey Wolpert at AKG Acoustics, (510) 351-3500.

JVC has a new portable DAT machine. The XD-P1 Pro weighs in at just 21 ounces with the battery and measures only 6.5 by 3.75 by 1.5 inches. Use the XD-P1 with the MU-Z1 stereo, digital output microphone or with a snap-on A/D converter. You get full editing of IDs, a battery life of 3 hours, and much more for $1,750. (201) 794-3900.

ALESIS has a new console. The X2 is a 24-channel, 8-subgroup console for $6,495. There are 24 tape returns, 4-band EQ on each module, balanced XLR and 1/4-inch inputs on each channel, eight auxiliary send busses with eight stereo returns, and more. (310) 558-4530.

WHEATSTONE CORPORATION has a new broadcast console. The A-300 offers modular construction in 4 mainframe sizes featuring two stereo AUD and PGM busses, a TEL bus, one internal mix-minus bus, plus mono sum output capabilities. Contact Jim Peck for info at (315) 452-5000.


Johnny George/WKLR-FM, Indianapolis faxed us with a great idea. He writes: I'm a digital workstation user of the DigiDesign Session 8. I think it would be VERY beneficial if you would dedicate one full page (if interest supports it, of course) to listing tips & techniques on each of the popular digital workstations that readers have learned by using their digital time savers -- The DSE-7000, DigiDesign's ProTools and Session 8, Tascam DA-88, Arrakis, and others. Each month could showcase all these in a corner for EACH one as opposed to listing just one each month. Each piece of input could also lead the manufacturers in the direction of what 'we' need, and help them enhance future up-grades. I know that I occasionally stumble across a revelation in my digital format that I think may be helpful to others, and I'd love to share that info. I, too, could learn from THEIR discoveries." Thanks Johnny! The idea sounds great, and we'd love to get it off the ground. So, with that, let's officially ask readers to send in any kind of tip/technique on any of the major workstations and digital recorders. No tip is too large or too small! Mail your tip to the address on the back page or fax it to us at (214) 259-1912. How much space we devote, and how often, will all depend on the response we get!

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