OTARI CORPORATION announces the release of the first production run of the RADAR Random Access Digital Audio Recorder. The hard disk based digital multi-track system is available in 8, 16, and 24-track configurations at roughly $1000 per track. For more information contact Otari at (415) 341-5900.

dbx announces the new 166A Compressor/Limiter/Expander/Gate. Features include a choice of over-easy or hard knee compression, balanced XLR and ¼-inch inputs and outputs, new expander/gate design with continuously variable release time and 75dB threshold range, stereo or dual-mono operation, and more. The 166A replaces the 166 which has been discontinued. $549. Call dbx for more info at (801) 566-8800.

APHEX announces the Easyrider, a 4-channel compressor that analyzes the input signals to determine how much to vary attack and release. The unit can operate as four mono compressors or two stereo compressors. Call for more info, (818) 767-2929.

TECHNICS announces the availability of their new DCC deck. The RS-DC8 features high-speed FF/REW, cassette "power" loading, a new anti-resonance base, an expanded LCD, and Technics' MASH DAC. $599. For more information contact William Pritchard at (201) 348-7182.

SHURE introduces the M367 Portable Mixer, an improved version of the M267 mixer. The M367 is a six-input mixer that handles mic or line level signals. You get phantom power, two XLR outs, input clipping LEDs, and improved specs. Call (708) 866-2200 for more information.

HHB COMMUNICATIONS announces the availability of the HHB Bit Box CD-R Optimiser. The box is designed to support the transferring of audio from DAT to recordable CDs and back again by successfully translating Start IDs to the CD as track increment flags and automatically converts the sampling rate to 44.1kHz. For more info contact Independent Audio in Portland at (207) 773-2424, or HHB Communications in London at (081) 960-2144, fax (081) 960-1160.


Congrats to Kathy Morgan/KOSP, Springfield, MO. The Missouri Broadcasters Association honored the station during their recent awards ceremonies with First Place - Documentary/Public Affairs for the station's "Earthforce" recycling and environmental awareness program. They also picked up an Honorable Mention for their "Bowling for Turkeys" promotion in the Medium Market Radio division. Way to go!

Congrats to RAP Member John Bowen on his recent move from Production Director at USA Radio Network in Dallas to Commercial Service Manager at the Salem Radio Network in Dallas. Salem is a Christian network with over 320 affiliates nationwide, enough to keep John busy in his three digital studios, featuring the MicroSound digital workstation in one studio, and Software Audio Workshop (S.A.W.) and the Digital Audio Labs' EdDITOR in the other studios!

Congrats to RAP Member Ed Brown/KSHE, St. Louis who recently won First Place for Station Promo at the Missouri Broadcasters Awards! The station has also entered into a partnership to create KSHE's Real Rock Cafe. The cafe is located in the building next to the station. It's a "combination restaurant and rock & roll museum displaying various autographed memorabilia that KSHE has collected over the past 27 years." Check out this month's Cassette for the promo Ed cut to announce the opening of the cafe. What a great idea!

More congrats, this time to Scott Scarborough/WKQQ-FM, Lexington, KY. The station picked up FOURTEEN awards at the recent Lexington Ad Club's Addy Awards. That's eight Addys and six Citations of Excellence, plus they also won Best of Radio and Best of Show - Overall! SFX: Giant Applause!

RAP Member "Tuna" Jon Rose/WBYR-FM, Fort Wayne, IN announces The Production Room Board BBS. The 24-hour computer BBS is now on-line and ready to "rap" about radio production. You'll find scripts, thought starters, a message base, job search/help wanted base, and more. It's free for now, but will cost after November. If your computer is equipped with a modem, give the board a call at (219) 493-0524. Set your modem to 8-N-1.