TM CENTURY announces the availability of their new library Slam Dunk. The library consists of over 1,000 cuts in the initial 19 CDs. The library features multiple categories, work parts, music beds, news, weather, and sports themes. Other features include regular updates plus a software program for easy cataloging and referencing. For more information call (214) 247-8850.

Samuel S. Trust, President of KILLER TRACKS, and Darryl Goede, President of AIRWORKS, announce the signing of a working agreement, whereby Killer Tracks will offer its clients the Airworks Tunebuilder editing system as part of the Killer Tracks library. "Tunebuilder is the first and only software system of its kind, allowing the user to edit instrumental music to any length while keeping the integrity of the music intact." Trust hopes to offer the entire Killer Tracks library with Tunebuilder by June of this year. The new system was demonstrated at the recent NAB show in Las Vegas. For more information call Phil Spieller at (213) 957-4455.

PROMUSIC introduces Audio Pro Sound Effects, a new sound effects library. The 18 CD library is entirely digitally recorded and features categories such as Nature, Animals, Crowds, Sci-Fi, Entertainment, Transportation, and more. Introductory price is $990. For more info call (407) 995-0331. •


TANNOY announces the Mark II Series of PBM monitors. The new line of small reference monitors include the PBM 8 II, PBM 6.5 II, and the PBM 5 II. Call for more info (519) 745-1158.

ARRAKIS unveiled their Gemini Digital Audio Workstation at NAB '94. The system is dedicated primarily to live, on-air studio applications and features "triple play" and "triple record" capabilities. Three simultaneous record modes are supported, one digital and two analog. Dual analog recording lets you record a network feed while simultaneously recording a second sound file such as a phone feed. The 2-track editor permits fast editing of the files. The new software update for DigiLink II was also unveiled last month. For more info call Arrakis at (303) 224-2248.

SYMETRIX INC. introduces the new 602 Stereo Digital Processor. The 602 is closely related to the 601, but the 601's mono mic/line input has been replaced by a stereo line input. Like its predecessor, the 602 provides digital domain dynamics processing, stereo echo, and parametric EQ simultaneously; combines digital (AES/EBU and S/PDIF) and analog stereo ins and outs; and features 128 RAM presets and 128 ROM presets. (206) 282-2555.

TECHNICS has unveiled the world's first mini-component system incorporating the new Video CD format. The SC-VC10, available in the fall, can deliver up to 74 minutes of digital audio and full-motion video encoded on a single 5-inch compact disc. The unit will also play standard audio CDs and graphic CDs. (201) 348-7182.

ALESIS introduces the QuadraVerb 2. The new dual-channel effects box features up to eight effects at once which can be combined in any order using a nifty LCD display that uses "patch cords" to connect the effects blocks. You get the usual effects -- flange, chorus, EQ, delays, reverbs, pitch shifting plus or minus two octaves, plus analog and digital I/O. Only $799. The company is also shipping their new QuadraSynth, a 64-voice polyphonic, 16-part multi-timbral, sample-playback synthesizer. It features 16 megabytes of 16-bit ROM samples, on-board multi-effects, a 76-key unweighted keyboard, an ADAT 8-channel output on the back panel, and a bunch more for only $1,499. (310) 558-4530. •


KORG adds several more stations/studios to its SoundLink workstation hit list. New owners are WLVE/WZTA/WINZ, Miami; Digital Waterworx, Merrick, NY; KLAX-FM, Hollywood, CA; and WPHM-AM/WBTI-FM, Lexington, MI. (516) 333-9100.

The SOCIETY OF BROADCAST ENGINEERS (SBE) has introduced the SBE Radio Operators Certification Course, designed for entry level operators in radio. The program was developed after station managers, PDs, and CEs indicated a need for a training and certification program to cover FCC operating requirements. The course is intended to replace the former FCC Radio Telephone Third Class Operator License with the Broadcast Endorsement discontinued in 1977. The course consists of a handbook and a 50 question exam. The successful applicant will score 90% or higher and will receive a certificate as a SBE Certified Radio Station Operator. The course is $35 and can be ordered through SBE at (317) 253-1640.

RAP Member Reid Thrush/WEZL, Charleston brings home a Citation of Excellence in the 1994 Addy Awards for his "Weasel Weenie Wednesday" promo! Word has it he's tired of overnights and wants a day gig with lots of production! (803) 766-4535.

Kathy Morgan exits WKMQ/WNTA, Rockford, IL to become the new Production Director at KOSP-FM in Springfield, MO. Some of her new toys include the Studer Dyaxis and 360 Systems DigiCarts. She's also part of the RAP Network -- new numbers are (417) 886-5677, fax (417) 886-2155.

Holly Buchanan has a new partner at WMXB-FM in Richmond, VA. Their new Production Director is Jym Geraci! processing, etc., starting with the dry voices and illustrating every step. What do you think? Anybody want to take a crack at it? If so, call RAP and ask for Jerry, (214) 254-1100, or fax your ideas to (214) 259-1912.

Mike Koste/WUSL, Philadelphia faxed us with a problem. He had been using Avery 5250 Cassette Title Labels for cart labeling because they were the perfect size and they didn't leave residue or chunks of label on the carts when the labels were removed. Well, the company stopped making them. Mike contacted us a few days later to inform us that Harry Leon/WRKS, New York knew of a place to get the labels. Cart labels with removable adhesive are available for $55.95 for a box of 5000 from Better Packaging Virginia, (800) 899-9389. Thanks, Mike!

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