We open side A with Ty Ford's Commercial/Characters voice demo. Cut 4 offers a good idea for your next county or state fair. Cut 7 is a nifty idea for stations that win awards for commercial/promo production -- let your listeners (and clients who are listeners) know how good you are! Cut 11 is a set of four jingles taken from acetate records dating back to the mid 1940s, mixed with the station's current jingles -- excellent statement for stations doing today what they were doing years (even decades) ago!

Side B is filled with the usual dose of super creative commercials from RAP members everywhere! Cut 2 features music written and performed to the voice track!{nmap}html5|475|230|files/archives/1993/sep/cassette|||||||7|1|95%|160px|60%{/nmap}

Side A

Cut 1 - Commercial/Characters Demo from Ty Ford, T/S/F, Baltimore, MD
Cut 2 - "Free Janet Jackson Weekend" - J.Richards(w), B.James(v), R.Bob(p)/WSNX-FM, Grand Rapids, MI
Cut 3 - "Ten Most Wanted" - Troy Smith(wpv), Kurt St. Thomas(v)/WFNX-FM, Boston, MA
Cut 4 - "Fair Rest Tent" - Andy Capp/KELO-AM/FM, Sioux Falls, SD
Cut 5 - "Celebrity Golf Tourney" - Brian Price(p), Chris Corley(v)/WDVE-FM, Pittsburgh, PA
Cut 6 - "We Say/You Say" - Keith Mitchell/WXFX-FM, Prattville, AL
Cut 7 - "A.S.A. Winners" - Jackman(pv), Azzarello(wv), Guinta/Young/Phillips(v)/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ont., Can.
Cut 8 - "Lee Kline's Story" - Craig Rogers/WHO-AM, Des Moines, IA
Cut 9 - "Perfect Album Side" - Rich VanSlyke(wpv), Joe Kelly(v)/WKLS-FM, Atlanta, GA
Cut 10 - "Rockman" - P.Bahr(wpv), D.Madeley/M.Baldwin(v)/WDEK/WIBK, DeKalb, IL
Cut 11 - "Jingles" - Richard Stroobant/CFRN-AM, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Side B

Cut 1 - "Jacob Marley" - Troy Smith(wpv)/WFNX-FM, Boston, MA
Cut 2 - "Visions Women's Expo" - Johnson(w), Allen/Rizzo(v), Pitman(m), Wawro(p)/WFAA-TV, Dallas, TX
Cut 3 - "United Dental Assoc." - Stu Shroeder/WKRZ-FM, Pittston, PA
Cut 4 - "Steve's Copy" - Sachs/McLeod(v), Burgett/Sumner/King(w), Burgett(p)/KGMI/KISM, Bellingham, WA
Cut 5 - "Easy Ed's Auto Body" - Phil Thompson/KMAJ, Topeka, KS
Cut 6 - "Hot Lines Lingerie" - Jackman(p), Timson(wv), Rogers/Navratil(v)/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Cut 7 - "Rock Ministries" - Dave Reed(wpv), Chris Varnadoe(v)/WMHK-FM, Columbia, SC
Cut 8 - "Lehman's Inc." - Lon Ray(wpv), A.Dalton/R.Gill(v)/WLBC-FM, Muncie, IN
Cut 9 - "Hilton Mortgage" - J.Douglas(w), D.Kelly(pv), Yates/Traub/Kelly(v)/WCM-AM, Ypsilanti, MI
Cut 10 - "Art of Optics" - Richard Werry(wpv)/KZYR-FM, Avon, CO
Cut 11 - "On The Wild Side" - Dustin Ebaugh(wpv)/KMAN/KMKF, Manhattan, KS
Cut 12 - "Barracks Trading Post" - David Jay/WIOQ-FM, Philadelphia, PA
Cut 13 - "Sunburst Video" - Pete Jensen/KZZU-FM, Spokane, WA
Cut 14 - "Atomic Cafe" - Scott Statham(pw)/WMXL-FM, Lexington, KY
Cut 15 - "Juan's World" - Mike Doran(vp), Amy Lynch(w)/97X, Davenport, IA


August 01, 1996 10705
by Jerry Vigil There are two schools of thought regarding microphone voice processors. One doesn't even consider using them, and the other doesn't work without them. It's probably safe to say that most who adhere to the latter...