We open side A with Ty Ford's Commercial/Characters voice demo. Cut 4 offers a good idea for your next county or state fair. Cut 7 is a nifty idea for stations that win awards for commercial/promo production -- let your listeners (and clients who are listeners) know how good you are! Cut 11 is a set of four jingles taken from acetate records dating back to the mid 1940s, mixed with the station's current jingles -- excellent statement for stations doing today what they were doing years (even decades) ago!

Side B is filled with the usual dose of super creative commercials from RAP members everywhere! Cut 2 features music written and performed to the voice track!

Side A

Cut 1 - Commercial/Characters Demo from Ty Ford, T/S/F, Baltimore, MD
Cut 2 - "Free Janet Jackson Weekend" - J.Richards(w), B.James(v), R.Bob(p)/WSNX-FM, Grand Rapids, MI
Cut 3 - "Ten Most Wanted" - Troy Smith(wpv), Kurt St. Thomas(v)/WFNX-FM, Boston, MA
Cut 4 - "Fair Rest Tent" - Andy Capp/KELO-AM/FM, Sioux Falls, SD
Cut 5 - "Celebrity Golf Tourney" - Brian Price(p), Chris Corley(v)/WDVE-FM, Pittsburgh, PA
Cut 6 - "We Say/You Say" - Keith Mitchell/WXFX-FM, Prattville, AL
Cut 7 - "A.S.A. Winners" - Jackman(pv), Azzarello(wv), Guinta/Young/Phillips(v)/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ont., Can.
Cut 8 - "Lee Kline's Story" - Craig Rogers/WHO-AM, Des Moines, IA
Cut 9 - "Perfect Album Side" - Rich VanSlyke(wpv), Joe Kelly(v)/WKLS-FM, Atlanta, GA
Cut 10 - "Rockman" - P.Bahr(wpv), D.Madeley/M.Baldwin(v)/WDEK/WIBK, DeKalb, IL
Cut 11 - "Jingles" - Richard Stroobant/CFRN-AM, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Side B

Cut 1 - "Jacob Marley" - Troy Smith(wpv)/WFNX-FM, Boston, MA
Cut 2 - "Visions Women's Expo" - Johnson(w), Allen/Rizzo(v), Pitman(m), Wawro(p)/WFAA-TV, Dallas, TX
Cut 3 - "United Dental Assoc." - Stu Shroeder/WKRZ-FM, Pittston, PA
Cut 4 - "Steve's Copy" - Sachs/McLeod(v), Burgett/Sumner/King(w), Burgett(p)/KGMI/KISM, Bellingham, WA
Cut 5 - "Easy Ed's Auto Body" - Phil Thompson/KMAJ, Topeka, KS
Cut 6 - "Hot Lines Lingerie" - Jackman(p), Timson(wv), Rogers/Navratil(v)/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Cut 7 - "Rock Ministries" - Dave Reed(wpv), Chris Varnadoe(v)/WMHK-FM, Columbia, SC
Cut 8 - "Lehman's Inc." - Lon Ray(wpv), A.Dalton/R.Gill(v)/WLBC-FM, Muncie, IN
Cut 9 - "Hilton Mortgage" - J.Douglas(w), D.Kelly(pv), Yates/Traub/Kelly(v)/WCM-AM, Ypsilanti, MI
Cut 10 - "Art of Optics" - Richard Werry(wpv)/KZYR-FM, Avon, CO
Cut 11 - "On The Wild Side" - Dustin Ebaugh(wpv)/KMAN/KMKF, Manhattan, KS
Cut 12 - "Barracks Trading Post" - David Jay/WIOQ-FM, Philadelphia, PA
Cut 13 - "Sunburst Video" - Pete Jensen/KZZU-FM, Spokane, WA
Cut 14 - "Atomic Cafe" - Scott Statham(pw)/WMXL-FM, Lexington, KY
Cut 15 - "Juan's World" - Mike Doran(vp), Amy Lynch(w)/97X, Davenport, IA

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