NETWORK MUSIC recently announced the release of its second production elements package. Brainstorm offers over 500 cuts on seven CDs. Along with hundreds of zips, zaps, etc., you get two CDs of music beds. Brainstorm is a follow-up to Network's initial production elements package, ShockWave. See insert in this issue or call (619) 451-6400 for more info.

SIGNATURE MUSIC announces the release of Kidz & Komedy, a CD of music beds designed to work well in productions involving children's themes as well as in humorous material. For more info, contact Bill Mullin at (800) 888-7151.

FIRSTCOM will unveil Sound Designer II, their newest library, during the NAB show in Dallas this month. The library will consist of 60 CDs with 30 being delivered immediately with the other 30 CD released as quarterly updates. The library utilizes ten categories ranging from Rock and Specialty to Holiday/Seasonal to Dramatic. For more info, contact Andrea Bergeron at (214) 934-2222.

L.A. AIR FORCE releases Murder, a one CD library of 99 production elements including 60 "promo stabs," 20 thirty second beds, and 19 "sound weapons." It's a buy-out for $99. (702) 643-7780.


As you shop the world of digital workstations, check out the AudioEngine from SPECTRAL SYNTHESIS. The hard disk based system delivers 256 internal tracks, 4 to 16 active channels, 26+ hours of recording time, an internal mixer, internal effects, waveform editing, multi-track editing, an internal digital patchbay, and more! (206) 487-2931.

FIDELIPAC introduces the MX18E Modular Audio Console. The broadcast console features configurations with 8 to 18 channels, fader start, and pre-fader patch points. (609) 235-3900.

AKAI has a new hard disk recorder. The DR4D is a 4-track rack-mount unit priced at just under $2,000. Up to four units can be linked together to get 16 tracks. There are 4 ins and outs both analog and digital. Other features include full editing capabilities, an "undo" function, variable pitch control, and variable sampling rates of 32, 44.1, and 48kHz. Best of all, it's fully self contained -- no computer to attach to it. Might be the ideal box for quick production pieces like tags and donuts and other simple pieces. (817) 336-5114.

BEYER-DYNAMIC has a new mike designed for broadcast and studio voice work. The MC 834 condenser mike offers a flat frequency response from 20 to 18kHz and a three-position low frequency filter switch. (516) 293-3200.


Congrats to R.A.P. member Rafe Sampson on his move from Production Director to Operations Manager at WCFL-FM, Chicago!

Congrats also to our friend across the pond in the UK, Colin Day, on his new company Infinity Recordings. Best of luck, Colin!

Keep your ears and eyes open for Digital Generation Systems. The company is developing a network wherein you can receive agency spots digitally, down the phone line. They provide the gear; you provide the phone line. The service is free to stations because the ad agencies are picking up the tab.


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