THE MUSIC BAKERY announces the release of the fourteenth CD in their library of buy-out CDs. Each CD contains a variety of styles with full length versions and broadcast edits. For more info call Jack Waldenmaier at (214) 414-0313.

MANHATTAN PRODUCTION MUSIC has added two new CDs to their music library. MPM 45 - The Little People features soft children's music ranging from lullabies to grammar school sing-alongs. MPM 46 - The Hip-Hop Jam is a hip-hop/techno pop CD featuring ten themes and a total of sixty cuts. Each theme has either a rhythm track or a drum loop. Manhattan Production Music has also completed an alphabetized cross-reference catalogue of their music. It's free to MPM subscribers. For more info, contact Ron Goldberg at (212) 333-5766.

SHARE MEDIA SERVICES has released Production Elements, Volume One. The 121 cut production library, created by RAP member Scott Bourne/30:60 Productions and marketed by Share Media, consists of sweepers, lazers, drones, sfx, and production music. The library is available on DAT, reel, or cassette and is being sold on a non-exclusive, buy-out basis for $150. Volume Two is slated for release in the first quarter of 1994. For more information, call Share Media at (612) 496-3359.


SUMMIT AUDIO's DCL-200 is a dual-channel compressor/limiter utilizing a transistor/tube design that strives to deliver the sound associated with older tube type units with the advantages of solid state circuitry. (408) 395-2448.

SPECTRAL SYNTHESIS is now shipping the AudioPrisma PC based hard-disk recording system. The reasonably priced system ($3,995, computer not included) offers 12 channels of recording/mixing/playback on 96 virtual tracks, parametric EQ on active channels, and can be expanded to provide eight channels of digital or analog I/O. (206) 487-2931.

AKG recently unveiled their new Vintage TL microphone. It's a combination of the C414 and the classic C12 tube mike. Features include four patterns and a bass cut switch. (510) 351-3500.

MARANTZ has lowered the price of their CDR600 CD recorder to $3,500 and has announced the new CDR610. Priced at $4,000, the CDR610 comes with the same features as the CDR600 and adds digital I/O, +4 dBm balanced analog connections, and more. (708) 820-4800.

dbx announces the 296 Spectral Enhancer, a dual-channel processor designed for high and low frequency detail enhancement as well as hiss reduction. (510) 351-3500.

SONY's new CDP-3100 CD Player and CDS-3100 Remote Controller make an awesome pair. The front loading CD player system features variable playback speed over a range of ±12.5%, a "jog" search function, AES/EBU digital output, and more. (201) 930-7454.

The DENON DN-2700F is a new double deck CD player. The unit is designed for "mixologists" who want to get out of that scratchy analog world of vinyl disks and "wheels of steel" and move up to the digital world of CDs! Features include 3-range pitch control, Instant Start, seamless looping, a six-second sampler, jog wheel, and more. The system could have lots of potential in the production studio! (201) 575-7810.


Hey! Looking for a reason to celebrate? Join us as we celebrate Radio And Production's Fifth Anniversary! We'd like to take this space to extend our most sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to RAP's first five years. Of course, none of it would have been possible without the people who make up the RAP membership. Nor could RAP have lasted five years without the many advertisers who saw the wisdom in targeting their message directly at radio's production personnel. A special thanks also to the sixty or so individuals who let us spotlight them with the RAP Interview, and a hearty show of gratitude to the countless people who have contributed articles, tips, comments, and the general information that has made Radio And Production everything that it is. Thank you! We look forward to another five years of service to you!

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