NETWORK SOUND EFFECTS announces the availability of Version 1.2, the new upgrade for their IBM based computer catalogue program. The upgrade includes several new features including improved search functions that eliminate duplicate listings. The upgrade also includes all sound effects through Volume 60 of the sound effects library. (800) 854-2075.

TOBY ARNOLD & ASSOCIATES (TA&A) announces the upcoming release of their library, Generation X. The two CD library targets the 18-34 "MTV" generation with "cross-cultural" sweepers, stagers, work parts and promo beds. For more information call Lawrence Mangiameli at (800) 527-5335.


ARRAKIS SYSTEMS announces Trak*Star. Trak*Star is a family of task specific software products designed to operate on the basic Arrakis digital audio workstation. Trak*Star 8 is a multi-track digital audio recorder, mixer and editor designed specifically for the radio market. A 2-track version is also available. Other programs slated for release soon include Trak*Star-News designed for use as a news workstation, and Trak*Star-FX, an effects box for on-air use. For more info contact Arrakis at (303) 224-2248.

HENRY ENGINEERING introduces the Telephone Information System which stores eight minutes of digital messages, up to ten messages, and allows phone retrieval by pressing 1 for message one, 2 for message two, etc.. (818) 355-3656.

OTARI showed their new Concept I mid-priced music & production console at NAB last month. Also from Otari for their ProDisk system, a new backup station and removable hard drive, Guide Version 4.2 software, and the CB-158 Hardware Control Panel for remote control of the ProDisk. (415) 341-5900

The AKG companies were on hand at NAB with some new features for their DSE-7000. The upgrades include new editing and mixing features, new transport features, new software and screen display features, and some new hardware options. The company also introduced four new microphones, the CK 522/MS, the CK68/ULS, the CK94, and the C5600 and C5900 TriPower Condensor mikes. New from dbx are the 172 Supergate, the 1024 Dual Buffer Amplifier, the 120XP Subharmonic Synthesizer, and more. (415) 351-3500.

DIGITECH has a new effects box. The TSR-24 features true stereo processing, four outputs, and a ton of the usual effects plus sampling, parametric and graphic EQ, pitch shifting, and more. And, the unit is expandable. (801) 268-8400.


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