THE PRODUCTION GARDEN announces the release of three new CDs. CD117 - Lifestyle Tracks features 72 broadcast length cuts (60s, 30s & tags) of contemporary jazz and upbeat tracks. CD118 - Country Tracks offers 93 cuts (60s, 30s & tags) of fully acoustic hot country themes, and CD218 - Gold Rush features 12 full length themes of turn-of-the-century American music featuring solo piano and small orchestra (60s & 30s included). Each CD is available on a buy-out basis. For info call Mel Taylor at (800) 247-5317.

PROMUSIC INC. is introducing five new releases from the Match Music Library containing "British and American Heritage" sounds, "World Beat" from around the world, and "Stingers, Sweepers and vocal Radio IDs and messages." The CDs are available for review. Call Cheryl Mathauer at (305) 776-2070.


HARRIS ALLIED recently introduced the Audiometric 386SX33 Personal Computer. The PC features a 386, 33 MHz motherboard, 120 megabyte hard drive, 2 meg of RAM, two floppies and more. The broadcast twist is internal shielding and RFI and EMI filtering that enable the unit to operate in typical broadcast environments without causing interference to or interfering with other equipment. (800) 622-0022.

SENNHEISER has a new condenser microphone. The MKH80 is designed for digital recording and features multiple patterns as well as treble boost and bass cut controls. (203) 434-9190.

ENSONIQ introduces the TS-10 Performance/Composition Synthesizer. Features include 32-note polyphony, 6 megs of 16-bit waveform memory for a total of 254 waveforms, 300 Sound Programs and 300 Performance Presets, 2 megs of expandable sample RAM, 73 effects algorithms, 24-track sequencer, and MORE! $2,595. (800) 553-5151.

SHURE announced the availability of the FP22 Stereo+1 Headphone Amplifier, an improved version of the popular FP12 mono amp. Also new from Shure is the FP32A Portable Stereo Mixer featuring three mike/line inputs, reduced noise, 48V and 12V phantom power, peak limiters, balanced ins and outs, and more. (708) 866-2542.

We got a little more information about the new Version 3.5 Software for the AKG DSE-7000. Highlights of the new software include tape-style varispeed, automatic punch in/out, new "Move" and "Swap" functions, expanded locator points, and more informative screen displays. The new software also provides a platform for new hardware options now available including the Multi-track DAT Backup System, 2 gigabyte hard drive storage, a dual sampling rate audio module, and expanded RAM memory providing up to seventy minutes of random access recording! The upgrade is free. (510) 351-0500. •


Congrats to a couple of RAP Members making recent moves! Rob Walker exits WERZ in Exeter to WZPK-FM, Berlin, NH! Rob Riley exits WZPK-FM and lands at WXGL-FM, Lewiston, ME!

Before you trash those old tapes, consider this: ECOMedia is a national organization that provides services and support to people with severe disabilities through the recycling of magnetic media. There's a recycling center on both the east and west coast. Call for more info, (800) 359-4601 or fax (818) 884-9962 and ask about Operation Fast Forward!