Side A opens with an impressive sample of work from Ronn Lipkin/KLSX-FM Los Angeles, subject of this month's interview -- there's some classic material on this demo! We say goodbye to the holidays with cut 2 from Andy Capp/KELO-AM/FM, Sioux Falls, SD. The Christmas medley was done on a Dyaxis (which explains the very smooth edits)! Check out cut 5; it's not too often we get a promo from a classical station! More promos fill out the rest of side A.

Side B opens with the Viva Loco spots Dennis Daniel wrote about in LAST month's Tales of the Tape column. Go back and read it if you don't remember the story! The rest of this side is jam packed with commercials. Enjoy!

Side A

Cut 1 - Demo from Ronn Lipkin/KLSX-FM, Los Angeles, CA
Cut 2 - Christmas Song medley from Andy Capp/KELO-AM/FM, Sioux Falls, SD
Cut 3 - "Lumberjack Weekend" - David Christian(wpv)/KRXX-FM, Minneapolis, MN
Cut 4 - "Hate to Get Up" - John Toney, Steve Cassidy/KXKL-FM, Denver, CO
Cut 5 - "Beethoven T-Shirts" - John Soukup/KXTR-FM, Kansas City, KS
Cut 6 - "Fox Sticker Patrol" - Keith Mitchell/WXFX-FM, Prattville, AL
Cut 7 - "1992 Hoops" - Rich McCauley(w), Jeff Charney(pv)/KPRS/KPRT, Kansas City, MO
Cut 8 - "No Repeat Workday" - Randy Chambers/KEZO-AM/FM, Omaha, NE
Cut 9 - "Bud Waterski Tour" - Ed Brown(wpv)/KSHE-FM, St. Louis, MO

Side B

Cut 1 - "Viva Loco" campaign - Dennis Daniel/WDRE-FM, Long Island, NY
Cut 2 - "The Fish Place" - Jim Pastrick(wpv), Todd Broady(v)/WGR/WGRF, Buffalo, NY
Cut 3 - "Word Records/Fresh Tracks" - Dan Popp/Colors Audio, Akron, OH
Cut 4 - "Rockford Auto Glass" - J.Gorzek(wv), Chuck Diamond(vp)/WKMQ-FM, Rockford, IL
Cut 5 - "Homer Dick Travel" - John Lyons(wpv)/CKSY-FM, Chatham, Ontario, Canada
Cut 6 - "McCombe Body Shop" - Jon Hale(wpv), Kristy Good(v)/WHOK-FM/WLOH-AM, Lancaster, OH
Cut 7 - "Farmer's Market" - D.Parmley(wpv), J.Steele(v), J.Richards(v), D.Vanlandingham(v)/KLLL-AM/FM, Lubbock, TX
Cut 8 - "Puppy Corral" - Don Lawler/WPYR-FM, Memphis, TN
Cut 9 - "Fashion Bureau, Inc." - R.Kerr(w), G.McArthur(pv), B.Gannon(v)/KNDD-FM, Seattle, WA
Cut 10 - "Magic Mountain" - Paul Brokonsha/SAFM, Unley, South Australia
Cut 11 - "Wallack's Art & Drafting" - R.Timson(wv), C.Jackman(pv), G.Winter(v)/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ontario
Cut 12 - "Mr. Roger's Bar" - A.Lynch(w), W.Silver(v), M.Doran(vp)/97X, Davenport, IA
Cut 13 - "American 4-Wheel Drive" - Camille Conte(wpv), M.Dunham(v)/KBFX-FM, Anchorage, AK

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