TOBY ARNOLD & ASSOCIATES (TA&A) announces the release of two new production libraries, Rockin' Country and Young Guns. Rockin' Country is a two CD library of 52 promo/contest/commercial beds written exclusively for "today's hot country formats." Young Guns is a one CD library of over 200 work-parts and sound effects targeted to AOR, Classic Rock and Hot Country formats -- sweepers, lasers, guitar riffs, stagers, etc.. (800) 527-5335.

THE MUSIC BAKERY announces the release of its eleventh CD of commercial length, buy-out production beds. Subscribers receive a new CD every other month for $48 per CD. (800) 229-0313.

RIVER CITY SOUND PRODUCTIONS releases Volumes 1 and 2 of their new Specialty Series buy-out production music CDs. Volume 1, Weddings features 29 tracks of contemporary and traditional wedding songs plus musical elements. Volume 2, Nature, features 12 full length themes varying in length from 3:50 to 6:10. Each CD a buy-out at $59. (800) 755-8729.

NETWORK MUSIC releases two more volumes for their sound effects library. Office, Volumes 55 and 56, as you'd expect, feature all your favorite office sounds from typewriters and cash registers to computers and copiers. (800) 854-2075. •


TANNOY has enhanced its entire line of Monitor Series DMT studio reference loudspeakers, from the System 8 NFM to the System 215 DMT, and they've added the new System 6 NFM DMT Dual Concentric loudspeaker to the Monitor Series, replacing the System 2 DMT. Of primary significance is the addition of a DMT crossover to the entire series. (519) 745-1158.

AKAI recently unveiled the S01 Sampler. Priced at only $999, the sampler features 8-voice polyphony, 32kHz, 16-bit sampling with 1 meg of RAM expandable to 2 meg. The S01 offers many editing features and a 3.5-inch floppy drive. The company also recently dropped the price of their ADAM digital 12-track recorder to $14,995. (817) 336-5114.

FIDELIPAC has begun shipments of their new line of MX Series Audio Consoles featured at Radio '92 in New Orleans. The MX Series, available with either linear or rotary faders, is believed to be the first motherboard-based modular console offered in the competitive price range beginning at $3,050 for a 6-channel, rotary fader unit. (609) 235-3900.

Keep an eye out for TASCAM's DA-88. The new 8-track digital recorder is tape based using Hi-8 120 videotapes. There are eight analog ins and outs and eight digital ins and outs. You get 100 minutes of full bandwidth recording per tape. The really nice part is the price, $4,499. Watch out ADAT! (213) 726-0303.

New from ZOOM is the 9120 Advanced Sound Environment Processor. The single rack-space multi-effects processor features a wide variety of reverb algorithms and includes a vocal eliminator, pitch shifting, delays, chorus, noise gates, 99 user memory locations and lots more. (415) 873-5885.