by John Dodge

Let's go back to Square One for a minute. Way before a new digital workstation, a Voice of God, and a 12 share with adults 18-49, your basic needs as a Production Director and member of the Human Club, Earth Chapter are few --food, shelter and love.

February's Steal This Script! focuses in the final motivator -- love...because everyone shares this deep-seated need to belong to someone, to be appreciated, and -- let's be honest, shall we? -- to score big-time on Valentine's Day. That is the over-arching goal, February's prime directive. So, we're gonna make a spot for a client that has this tasty bait in the center. Yum. What you wrap around the topic is damn near incidental, as any cruise through pop media will prove.

Before we start, let me make an observation: the best ad people are really social psychologists at heart because intuitively understanding what makes people tick and then tapping into that with words, sounds, and "pictures" is what makes great (radio) advertising. After all, underneath the culture and the clothing we humans are pretty much the same, aren't we? Except for the overnight guy, I mean. He's totally different.

Remember that these scripts are models, and you, Truly Creative One, are the customizer. Think of them as found money and not just recreational reading. Ready, set, go!

The Valentine Spot

(Clears throat) Excuse me, ladies...the following message is for men only. It's a guy thing and we'd appreciate it if you women didn't pay any attention to it whatsoever. Thank you. (short pause)

(In a conspiracy voice) Ok fellas, just us now, right? No, this isn't some male bonding thing where I'm gonna beat a drum and talk about my Dad. Valentine's Day is right around the corner and there's something you need to know. They've discovered a definite scientific link between chocolate and love. That's right, men. Turns out the whole thing is chemical! Who knew? All along, all you had to do to turn the object of your desire into a quivering mass of love jello was provide the proper stimulus! But not just any chocolate, guys. Nooo, you want the good stuff -- Client's Chocolate.

Go into Client's today. Tell them money is no object because you have an evening of Valentine delight ahead of you, and you're feeling good. And she'll be feeling good. And you know what happens when she feels good. (I hear Beatles' "Come Together" right here. Your client may not.) Client's Chocolate for Valentine's Day. Let me know how it goes, okay?

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