by John Dodge

Spec Spot For a Local Home Builder

"Right Brain/Left Brain"

Your brain's divided in two parts, you know. Thinking and feeling. Your left brain controls logic and your right brain handles the artistic, fuzzy stuff. Your left brain might say (flat and mechanical) "Tank empty. Buy fuel." While your right brain says (with reverb and enthusiasm) "Who needs gas -- I'll just put a solar collector on my head and beam myself wherever I want to go!!"

Truly smart people are switch hitters -- they use both sides of their brain. Like when it comes to choosing a new home. Client Homes has the locations, the construction quality, the specifications, and the value to satisfy the most discriminating buyer. At the same time, Client Homes simply feel good, with a thousand and one features and touches designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. When you're in a Client Home, you just feel at home...and there's no explaining that with logic.

So whether you're a left-brainer..."third Saturday of the month, time to rotate the tires" (sfx air wrench) or a right-brainer..."Gee honey, it's a beautiful day, let's move to California."...get your head together and visit a model Client Home soon. Client Homes, the smart choice.

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