Now available from NETWORK, the Primrose Music Library. This Italian production music library consists of 45 CDs of music from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque periods, as well as classical and romantic themes, children's music, slapstick piano, and contemporary themes. Typically, there are 20 themes per CD, and monthly updates are included. (800) 854-2075.

R.A.P. welcomes a new advertiser as FILMS FOR THE HUMANITIES & SCIENCES announces the release of the fully indexed BBC Sound Effects Library now on CD. 1500 digitally recorded sound effects. 40 CDs grouped into four sets of 10 disks. Buy all 40 or buy them 10 at a time. See the insert in this issue for more information! (800) 257-5126.

The MUSIC BAKERY announces the release of their latest update. The CD is the tenth in their growing library of $48 CDs available on a one-time buy-out basis. (800) 229-0313. •


R.A.P. welcomes another new advertiser as ENCO SYSTEMS, INC. announces the availability of their DAD486x Digital Audio Distribution System. The PC/AT based digital recorder/editor is supplied as software and a DSP board. Features include stereo record and playback with multiple sampling rates and data compression algorithms, waveform editing, and unlimited playlist manipulation capabilities, just to mention of few of the highlights. See the ad on page 16 for more information! (800) ENCOSYS.

WAVEFRAME recently introduced a new member to their line of 8-track, disk based recorders. The WaveFrame 401 is a complete 8-track digital recording system and includes computer, monitor, sync facilities, eight XLR analog inputs and outputs, hard disks, software and more. Prices start at $15,000. (818) 981-9235.

New from DRAWMER is the DL251 Spectral Compressor. The unit incorporates a variable "Dynamic Spectral Enhancement" section which reportedly eliminates the problems associated with full band compressors by restoring the high frequency energy lost during the full band compression process. Distributed by QMI, (508) 650-9444.


Greg Williams exits the Fox in Norfolk for the Production Director gig at WMC in Memphis. Craig Cornett leaves WPLJ. You may recall, Craig was Production Director at WMC before taking the gig with Scott Shannon and WPLJ recently.

Long time subscriber and R.A.P. Award winner Dave Roberts exits WVOR-FM in Rochester for a gig as Creative Director for the North East Satellite Entertainment Network, a new A/C based satellite service already 38 affiliates strong.

R.A.P. subscriber Camille Conte (aka CC Ryder) of KBFX-FM/Anchorage is in New Orleans this month to present the 1992 Marconi Award to the Personality of the Year/Medium Market winner. Camille won the Marconi last year, and is only the second female in the nation to ever win the award!

Congrats are in order for John Marshall/WOMC, Detroit. For the third year in a row, John has won the Michigan Association of Broadcasters ACE Award for Creative Excellence - Radio Promo/Large Market!

R.A.P. welcomes a couple more new advertisers this month. Marice Tobias/Voice Over Coach of the Pros is still getting calls from the interview we did with her back in December of last year! (There's only about a dozen copies of that back issue left!) So, she's letting you know where her upcoming workshops are. Check the ad on the back page and give her a call! (817) 429-4170.

Also, we're pleased to welcome 1991 R.A.P. Award winner Brian Lee/WMXB, Richmond to our New Advertiser list! Brian owns a production services company called The Advantage and produces sweepers for stations such as KLOS, KSJO, WDVE, KEGL, and more using several voice talents including Chris "Blade" Corley and Ray Otis. Check the ad on THIS page and give Brian a call! By the way, the number on the ad needs one more zero -- (804) 794-0000.

HALLAND BROADCAST SERVICES announces The Eighties Plus, a new CD music library of 765 AC and CHR hits on 44 CDs covering the period from 1980 through 1992. (818) 963-6300.