The big news this month is the distribution agreement between FIRSTCOM and TECHSONICS/S.P. PRODUCTIONS. Of the recently inked deal, S.P. Productions Executive Producer Steve Peppos says, "[We] are very pleased to be associated with FirstCom, a reputable and respected name in radio, television and motion picture. FirstCom will now market our Techsonics series libraries, plus new library releases, exclusively in the U.S. and Canada. This move will enable Techsonics to better serve the radio industry by concentrating on exciting new releases and innovative new programming materials." To kick off the deal, FirstCom introduced three new libraries from Techsonics at the recent NAB show in New Orleans. For AOR, Rock Flash. For CHR, Earthquake, and for Urban formats, House Jamz. It's hard to miss the demo in this month's issue, but if you did, check the ad on page 11 or call (214) 934-2222. Earlier Techsonics libraries will now be sold separately and in conjunction with existing FirstCom libraries.

TOBY ARNOLD & ASSOCIATES announces the upcoming release of Slam Jamz, their new Urban/Churban music and effects library. The library was custom created for Summit stations WRKS, WVEE, WXYV, and KJMZ. (800) 527-5335.

NETWORK MUSIC INC. announces People, Volume 53 and 54, the latest additions to their sound effects library. The two CDs feature male and female "sounds" such as coughing, sneezing, snoring, yawning, etc.. (800) 854-2075. •


Among the new products at the HARRIS ALLIED booth at NAB Radio '92 was TrakStar from ARRAKIS SYSTEMS, a new, standalone 8-track digital editor designed specifically for radio. Also at the Harris booth, the new Pioneer CAC-V3200 large capacity CD player which accommodates 300 CDs with two independent players. The unit will be available next month. (317) 962-8596.

SYMETRIX will unveil three new products this month at the AES show in San Francisco. The 421 AGC-Leveler is a true automatic gain controller slated for fourth quarter '92 production. The 402 Dual Output Delay features dynamic range in excess of 100dB and can be calibrated in milliseconds, feet or meters making it perfect for sound reinforcement. Finally, the 601 Digital Voice Processor performs simultaneous dynamic processing, parametric EQ, and delay. There are analog AND digital ins and outs. Deliveries are slated for first quarter '93. (800) 288-8855.

Attention LA-4 lovers! UREI has three new models of compressor/limiters, the LA-22 dual-channel unit with expansion capabilities, the LA-12 dual channel unit, and the LA-10 single channel unit. The LA-22 can compress or expand a selected width of the frequency spectrum variable from 1/6th of an octave up to three octaves, leaving the rest of the signal unchanged. (818) 893-8411.

KURZWEIL announces the K2000R, the rack-mount version of the popular K2000 sampler/synthesizer featuring 8 meg of on-board sound ROM expandable to 24 meg, four sampling rates, stereo simultaneous effects, and LOTS more. (310) 926-3200.

KORG has a new effects processor. The A1 features 59 effect algorithms; up to seven effects at once; true stereo, independent dual, series, and parallel processing; digital I/O and more. (800) 645-3188.

The EVENTIDE H3500 Dynamic Ultra-Harmonizer is a souped up H3000SE featuring all H3000SE algorithms plus the Studio Sampler and the Mod Factory 1 and 2 algorithms. Features include 450 presets, on-board digital sampling (up to 47.5 stereo seconds at 44.1kHz), compression, gating, ducking, dynamics processing, and more. (201) 641-1200.

DIGIDESIGN is arranging seminars on their ProTools workstation at dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada this month. For the seminar nearest you call (800) 333-2137, ext. 254.


Newly formed ELGAR ENTERTAINMENT, INC. announces the introduction of America's only live, syndicated, overnight entertainment show: USA Overnight. Developed to serve AC and CHR formats, the show will feature hit music, celebrity interviews, entertainment and sports reports, call-ins and contests. (214) 238-2727.

Oldies stations will get a kick out of SCARY GARY's latest parodies. "I Got A Car Phone Now" is a parody of "I Think We're Alone Now" by Tommy James. "Phony Phony" is done to "Mony Mony." Have some "Taco Sauce on the Mild Side" or check out "Super Glue-ee" done to the Kingsmen's "Louie Louie." They're free! (818) 888-0652.

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