Side A opens with a sample of work from Wally Wawro, TV Audio Production Director at WFAA-TV in Dallas, Texas, as featured in this month's interview. Cut 2 is a promo from Andy Capp/KELO-AM/FM who took advantage of the freebie music bed on last month's Cassette provided by Rick Robinson of WEGR (see Letters to the Editor - Pg. 16). Cut 4 is your basic, down to earth, get out and vote promo. As you listen to cut 5, remind yourself it's a promo for a news/talk station! More fun promos fill the rest of side A.

Side B is dedicated to both sweepers and commercials. The first set of sweepers feature the voice of R.A.P. contributing writer and Brown Bag Productions Managing Partner, Mike Lee. The sweepers, produced by WEBN's Joel Moss, are for WEBN's LMA'd station also in Cincinnati. Kudos to Jeff Thomas for the extraordinary work for 2-Triple-M on cut 2. Cut 3 is a set of "Anti-Jingles" as Keith Eubanks talks about in this month's issue (On The Cassette – [below]). We also get sweepers from Colin Day Creative in the U.K., as well as some nice work from WVSR and 97X. Cut 7 comes from our very own Flip Michaels who used a R.A.P. Award winning spot from David Jay (WIOQ-FM) as the catalyst for his spot (see Letters to the Editor - Pg. 16.). The rest of side B is filled with the usual creative writing and production we've grown used to hearing each month on The Cassette!

On The Cassette: 

from Keith Eubanks, Creative Director, Power 99/WAPW-FM, Atlanta, GA

CHR. A dying format, or just one that needs different producing? From 9-midnight, Power 99/Atlanta's alternative show "On The Edge" had a chance to experiment with something new. Gone are the "jingles" and "big radio voice sweepers," and in their place, a different animal. Bigger. Darker. More abstract. Call 'em anti-jingles, non-jingles or whatever you want. These things are cool, and give the show a feeling all their own. We used local union talent Paul Armbruster to give the "elements" the right feel, then built an image around him. The final product feels like a radio version of (MTV's) "Liquid Television." Sure, some of it makes no sense, but that's why it's fun to listen to. People are sick of sell, sell, sell anyway. Give 'em a listen on this month's Cassette and let me know what you think.

from Flip Michaels, Creative Services Director, WMJC-FM/WGSM-AM, Long Island, NY

Here's a spot for The Cassette. It's titled "Crackerjack Advertising." Thanks to David Jay (Creative Services Director, WIOQ-FM, Philadelphia, PA) and his R.A.P. Award winning spot "Neonopoly," I was able to use his creative game-show idea to my department's advantage. Crackerjack Advertising not only loved our spot, but after only three days, they've received over twenty calls! Twenty calls! So...I called David, and he was delighted by the news. He's a very creative "prod-god" indeed.

Side A

Cut 1 - Demo from Wally Wawro/WFAA-TV, Dallas, TX
Cut 2 - "Haunted House" - Andy Capp/KELO-AM/FM, Sioux Falls, SD
Cut 3 - "Pro-Radio/Big Label" - Holly Buchanan/WMXB-FM, Richmond, VA
Cut 4 - "Vote" - D.Bolin(p), T.Womack(wv)/WKDF-FM, Nashville, TN
Cut 5 - ""Tell it Like it Is" - Jim Jones/WHIO, Dayton, OH
Cut 6 - "Front Row Seats" - Ed Brown(wpv)/KSHE-FM, St. Louis, MO
Cut 7 - "Wouldn't It Be Great" - B.Millikin(pw), J.Bahama(w), J.O'Brien(v)/WVIC-FM, Lansing, MI
Cut 8 - "Let's Do Lunch" - D.Youngs(p), R.Timson(w), CHEZ staff(v)/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ontario
Cut 9 - "Sarge & Gomer" - Wes Fondale(v), Fred Passmore(wp)/WBKW-FM, Beckley, WV

Side B

Cut 1 - Sweepers for WAQZ-FM from Joel Moss(p), Mike Lee(v)/WEBN-FM, Cincinnati, OH
Cut 2 - Sweepers from Jeff Thomas/2-Triple-M, Sydney, Australia
Cut 3 - "Anti-Jingle" sweepers from Keith Eubanks/WAPW-FM, Atlanta, GA
Cut 4 - Sweepers for client stations from Colin Day Creative/Kidderminster, United Kingdom
Cut 5 - Sweepers from Dick Ervasti(v), Kidd Conley(p)/WVSR-AM/FM, Charleston, WV
Cut 6 - Sweepers from David Lee(v), Mike Doran(p)/97X, Davenport, IA
Cut 7 - "Crackerjack Advertising" - Flip Michaels & David Jay/WGSM/WMJC, Long Island, NY
Cut 8 - "The Dungeon" - Ed Brown(wpv)/KSHE-FM, St. Louis, MO
Cut 9 - "Courtesy Chevrolet" - Tony Pepper/KFMB-AM/FM, San Diego, CA
Cut 10 - "Maki's Flowers" - D.Lawler(wpv), B.Summers(v), K.Abrams(v)/WPYR-FM, Memphis, TN
Cut 11 - "Hall of Greetings" - Rob Riley(wpv)/WZPK-FM, Berlin, NH
Cut 12 - "The Continent" - Jon Hale(pv), Kristy Good(v)/WHOK/WLOH, Lancaster, OH
Cut 13 - "Able Dentistry" - J.McCrory(w), D.Gerard/B.Patton(v), K.Morgan(vp)/WKMQ/WNTA, Rockford, IL
Cut 14 - "Global Exchange" - Sean Lowman(wpv)/KZJH-FM, Jackson, WY

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