by John Dodge

May's "Steal This Script" is devoted to a subject near and dear to our hearts: Yo Mama! Here's a nice restaurant spot for Mother's Day. I'll supply the copy, you supply the client. Deal?

Mother's Day Brunch at Fillin Le Blanque Restaurant

Son: (talking to himself) Flowers and a bowling ball. Nope, did that. A Barcolounger? Too expensive. This Mother's Day thing is tough. Ah what the heck, I'll just call and ask her. (quick phone sequence)
Mom: Hello?
Son: Hi Mom. I was just wondering what you wanted for Mother's Day.
Mom: What a thoughtful boy. Do you remember when you bought me a Dustbuster so it would be easier for me to clean under your bed?
Son: Well...
Mom: And the matching pink hot pads so I wouldn't burn my fingers making you cookies?
Son: I was just a kid....
Mom: There was only one thing I always wanted for Mother's Day.
Son: A pool table?
Mom: (incredulously) What? No!
Son: OK, OK, this year you get whatever you want. Just name it.
Mom: Take me to Mother's Day Brunch at Fillin Le Blanque.
Son: Brunch! Jocko's Sports Bar does brunch....nachos with a giant screen TV. We could...(she cuts him off)
Mom: I want a real brunch at Fillin Le Blanque! Eggs Benedict, orange juice, champagne...
Anncr: This Mother's Day, give Mom what she's always wanted -- a gift as special as she is -- brunch at Fillin Le Blanque.
Son: I dunno, I have to wear a tie?
Mom: Wear the one I gave you for your birthday.
Son: But that's got ducks all over it...
Anncr: Mother's Day brunch at Fillin Le Blanque. It's what she's always wanted.

If you want to send us your version of this spot and others from this column, we'll include a few of them on future Cassettes. And, if you have a great spec idea for Steal This Script, call me and we'll do fax. Have a great Spring!

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